Creative Sleeping Baby Photos

Sleeping Baby Photography

Amazing photos captured by a mother of three boys show fun adventures and wonderful dreams of a sleeping baby.

California based artist Sioin Queenie Liao photographed her son Wengenn in front of creative backgrounds and dressed him in various costumes.

Sleeping Baby Pictures

Sleeping Baby

Queenie Liao

Sioin Queenie Liao Sleeping Baby

Photos of a Dreaming Baby

Creative Sleeping Baby Photography

Photos of a Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby Photos

Sleeping Baby Adventures

Dreaming Baby

Creative Sleeping Baby Photos

Sioin Queenie Liao

Babys Dreamworld

Queenie Liao Sleeping Baby

Sleepy Baby

Sleeping Baby Adventure

Wengenn in Wonderland

Sleepy Baby Sioin Queenie Liao

Wengenn in Wonderland by Queenie Liao

Adventures of a Sleeping Baby

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  1. Sr. F

    the mouse & the lion.

  2. Alex

    Wow, this is really amazing and so creative. I’ve seen this idea in other sets of pictures, but this on is absolutely the best.

  3. Betty

    Sweet dreams!

  4. fabe

    So creative. Did you put on the costume(s) while he was asleep?

  5. Anna S.

    Lol this is beyond sweet. Its really creative

  6. kelly Tozarin

    Cute and creative!

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