21 Unusual and Creative Cupcake Designs

21 Unusual and Creative Cupcake Designs

Unusual cupcakes and creative cupcake designs from all over the world.

LEGO Cupcakes

LEGO Cupcakes

Poodle Cupcakes

Poodle Cupcakes

Billiard Cupcakes

Billiard Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Hickory Dickory Dock Cupcake

Hickory Dickory Dock Cupcake

Murdered Cupcakes

Murdered Cupcakes

Golf Cupcakes

Golf Cupcakes

Google Cupcakes

Google Cupcakes

Nintendo Wii Cupcakes

Nintendo Wii Cupcakes

Moving Cupcakes

Moving Cupcakes

Super Mario Cupcakes

Super Mario Cupcakes

Olympic Games Cupcake

Olympic Games Cupcake

iPhone Icons Cupcakes

iPhone Cupcakes

Space Invaders Cupcakes

Space Invaders Cupcakes

Hamburger Cupcakes

Hamburger Cupcakes

Ninja Turtles Cupcake

Ninja Turtles Cupcake

Pacman Cupcakes

Pacman Cupcakes

Gromit Cupcake

Gromit Cupcake

Basketball Cupcake

Basketball Cupcake

Geek Cupcakes

Geek Cupcakes

Comic Cupcakes

Comic Cupcakes

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  1. Jared

    The basketball cupcakes aren’t creative at all. The rest of the post was great.

  2. jelly_Ace

    what about the watchmen cupcakes?

  3. Vera

    so cool and funny!!!

  4. Jaqi Mugo

    these are great!

    The billiard cupcakes idea was funny!

  5. Manish Ahuja

    \m/ You guys are the best at finding the weirdest, coolest, hippest, newest, craziest….. stuff all over the net. Kudos! Great going :)

  6. gary

    You forgot this great Hungry Caterpillar cupcake creation by Duncan.

  7. Michael Coyne

    mmmmm hamburgers

  8. Jen Ruhman

    i love the billiard cupcakes! great idea!!!!

  9. Haroon


  10. Michael Hendrickx

    Awesome cupcakes!

  11. Megan

    Now I am hungry…

  12. al

    whats that kind of frosting called that you can design so precisely??

  13. ethan

    These are so cute!

  14. aileen

    The cheeseburgers are cute with little icing which most people prefer. Ha ha.

  15. wtyang24

    @jelly_Ace: below are the watchmen cupcakes. not the most professional, but it’s there:


  16. mayasa

    i loveeeeeeee thesee!

    does anyone know how we could do these? like what color type? ingredeiants.

  17. GraceC

    A lot of the cupcakes and cake makers use an icing called fondant to make the designs. It’s kind of hard to describe but it’s like a doughy sugared sheet of paste. You can mold it or roll it out and cut out shapes. It comes in all colors or white that can be dyed. Some people like the taste of it but it doesn’t taste like buttercream frosting. Sometimes people will frost the cake with buttercream frosting first and then add the fondant on top of that.

  18. Nicole

    OMG! Totally awsome i think i will make the hamburger! I am a cupcake designer!

  19. FH2o

    Great inspirational ideas for cupcakes decoration! Thanks.

  20. atalina08

    I’ve tried those burger cupcakes before, this one is different, but looking at these makes me want to make them again!!

  21. Patticake

    These are awesome !

  22. Tracy Koo

    These are beutiful…I have tried to baked some at home, but not as beutiful as this..
    maybe try to get some idea from here…..


  23. Marilyn

    AWESOME! So cute and… wow! :)

  24. Owen

    So cool!!! Awesome designs!!!!

  25. swads

    delighting my eyes

  26. maddey

    i love your designs they are so cool!!!!!!!!

  27. Lindsay

    What great cupcakes. I am going to try the Mario Bros! That is the best game ever.

  28. andrew

    millenium falcon is the best

  29. poopymokey

    I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much arr the golf cupcakes????

  30. lilliie

    The cupcakes are soooo creative!!! I love the lego cup cakes! Do you know how much they are? :)

  31. lollipop

    i liked the hamburger cupcakes!!! they looked almost real! :)

  32. NEHAL

    fresh great ideas…its like toys

  33. Irrui

    HAHAHAHHAHA that’s awesome!
    you’re very creative!

  34. izzzzzz

    they are soooooo coolio!! but the question is… do they taste as good as they look!
    really clever and creative ideas! i love the lego one. Im gonna make some for my sons birthday, and im gonna design my daughter some mermaid ones… could be disaster though! lol x my mum makes amazing cakes- sadly i did not inherit that talent :( lol i will however have a great time making them with my kids, whether the end result is amazing or not!i prefer the homemade look sometimes- that my excuse when the cakes end up burnt, messy and falling apart- even when i stick to the recipe :)

  35. boo!

    Love them!!! wish i could do that! good luck with the cake making, izzzzzz- they wont be that bad. My special secret ingredient that i use is golden syrup- Lyle’s! it makes them much stickier, and sweeter…yum! have fun!

  36. amanda burns

    Fab cupcakes,
    Will deffo try the burger ones!

  37. amanda

    thats so cool were can i buy one

  38. Anne

    Love Love Love. Your cupcakes are wonderfull and so yummy looking!!

  39. evony

    garfield is sooooo cute

  40. blah blah

    cool cupcakes

  41. Asmaa

    Soooooooo cute yam……….

  42. Sarah

    whoo their awesome

  43. Amanda, Annie and Haydia!!!

    Amanda: I like the hamburger ones!!!!!!!!!! :) ♥ ♫ ♪ ♫
    Annie:i liked the comic cupcakes and the poodle cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ ♫ ♪♪♫
    Haydia: i like the mario one my brother will love that for his Bday!!!!

  44. Matill


  45. Lucy


    Tehy look so nice gr8 4 my school cooking project!!!

  46. solala

    omg can you eat them ?! but they to pretty to eat them!!!

  47. mamasitaa

    OMg the sundade 1 is super cute! Will try to do for my school and the 1 of pool too

  48. vivian

    o dear! amazing!

  49. JB lover!

    OMG! These CUPCAKES! are so AMAZING! I wish i could make cupcakes like that. My favourite ones were the ice cream cupcakes and the super Mario cupcakes! Now I’m really HUNGRY!

  50. chrissy

    i love them all, my favorite one’s are the pacman and ice cream cupcakes keep up the good work!!

  51. Anto

    They’re awesome!!

  52. bella


  53. Bella

    I Love All Of Them Especially The Pac Man And Mario Xx

  54. SHAY


  55. Paisley

    I’m diggin’ the murdered cupcakes…WHACK!!!…very, very creative

  56. Veronica

    The Garfield cupcake is flawless. It looks so awesome.

  57. june

    The comic cupcakes is very cute and creative craft.

  58. georgina

    omg I think I will just dream on :) so wish I was that good

  59. Jameelah


  60. Julia

    OMG!!!! cupcakes= <333333333333
    PACMAN CUPCAKE <3333333
    and ice cream <3333333
    yummiiee :3

  61. miley cyrus

    OMG they r awesome

  62. P

    theyre awesome..
    where can i learn to make these..?

  63. kemisola

    These designs are awesome,i ♡ the comic cupcakes. Good job.

  64. victoria

    that’s cool their every unique i want to make something like that.

  65. hansje

    I can smell them! I’M TOO HUNGRY FOR THIS WEEHxD

  66. Mayra Gutierrez

    wow, such good work

  67. hanna

    i wish i could do all that.

  68. cars

    i wish i could do that.
    But they look amazing. those most of took along time to do.

  69. diddie

    i like comic cupcake!!!ermmmmm…

  70. kaylian

    i thnk you should do hippie cupcakes

  71. mickey

    OMG!!!! its so cool n nice!!! INCREDIBLe !!! i wonder how its begin done ???

  72. Mireya Neri

    This are the best cupcake designs!!! I want to make all those! Good job who ever made them! :D

  73. kenzie

    I love all of these cupcake designs they are amazing!OMG
    I really love the pacman cupcakes!!!

  74. milly

    i love the doggy ones they are so sweet i will it them no not the dogs the cakes

  75. mithat

    Awesome cupcake designs and pictures. I really love the Comic Cupcakes.

  76. jenna

    loved the pacman and the lego one they r epic

  77. juli

    extreme to the cute :)

  78. monique

    they r soooo cool!!!

  79. Alex

    Good job guys… Those look yummy :)

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