27 Beautiful and Creative Cake Designs

Beautiful and Creative Cake Designs

Beautiful cakes and creative cake designs from all over the world.

Wall-E Cake

Wall-E Cake

Stormtrooper Helmet Cake

Stormtrooper Helmet Cake

Wii Remote Cake

Wii Remote Cake

BlackBerry Cake

BlackBerry Cake

Big Mac Cake

Big Mac Cake

Nikon D700 DSLR Cake

Nikon D700 DSLR Cake

NES Cake

NES Cake

Millenium Falcon Cake

Millenium Falcon Cake

Briefcase Cake

Briefcase Cake

Mac Mini Cake

Mac Mini Cake

Nintendo DS Cake

Nintendo DS Cake

New York Yankees Cap Cake

New York Yankees Cap Cake

Amazon Kindle Cake

Amazon Kindle Cake

Guitar Hero II Cake

Guitar Hero II Cake

Super Metroid Helmet Cake

Super Metroid Helmet Cake

Bender Cake

Bender Cake

Red Caviar Sandwich Cake

Red Caviar Sandwich Cake

DeLorean Cake

DeLorean Cake

Atari 2600 Cake

Atari 2600 Cake

Mario Cake

Mario Cake

Apple Cake

Apple Cake

Reebok Shoe Cake

Reebok Shoe Cake

Tetris Cake

Tetris Cake

Laptop Cake

Laptop Cake

Diet Coke Cake

Diet Coke Cake

Rubik’s Cube Cake

Rubiks Cube Cake

Optimus Prime Transformers Cake

Optimus Prime Transformers Cake

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  1. erikDAred

    The Atari cake looked like a turd on a stick, but somehow, still looked delicious.

  2. ayla

    omg i absolutely adore the mario cake!

  3. Lee Milthorpe

    These are awesome!

    The Wall-e and the laptop one’s are my favourites!

  4. Jaqi Mugo

    So realistic!!!! Whoa!

  5. Beezy

    pretty awesome.

  6. author

    They’re all amazing and now I’m very hungry!

  7. bobq

    the shoe one is crazyyyyyyyyyy good

  8. Coljung

    Very nice.

    Reminds me of Ace of Cakes. Has anyone seen that show ?
    Most amazing cakes i’ve ever seen. Those guys can make a cake in any given shape.

  9. Mario

    Wow !!! Great cakes ! The Mario one is the best … so much attention to detail.

  10. smash

    Lot of Love in those cakes

  11. william

  12. blufindr

    The Rubik’s cube one is very, very clever. I know what cake I want for my 17th now :P

  13. Bender

    The Bender & Mario Cakes are awesome, but i like Wall-E the most :)

  14. Ivo

    Simply amazing and awesome, tasty too :)))

  15. nene

    are any of these for sale?

  16. Ken

    Ill take some of that wall-e cake please.

  17. weddingsyd

    wow wonderful collections..looks so yummy..thanks for sharing this..rubix is one of the best

  18. bree

    mario’s left handed is twisted around, the one with the shroom.

    wall-e and the shoe are fantastic replicas.

  19. Aaron

    How many E numbers….lol

  20. christian


  21. jake

    These are all brilliant, Im reminded of that cake decor show on food network, but even more creative. your very good.

  22. Sylphur

    I want to make the Diet Coke can for my mum. She drinks it all the time.

  23. edgar c.

    mario cake, reebok cake, & mac mini cake were my favorites…

    excellent detail

  24. ReidV

    If you look at the full sized photo of the Wall-E cake you will see a very obvious outlining around it. I hope the picture is not fake! The cake made my day =D.

  25. Martin

    There amazing and look tasty to…..lol x

  26. capug

    @ReidV: I think they just blurred the background, it looks real. I love that cake, it’s my favorite ^_^

  27. Jasmine

    That was really funny, i liked the BigMac photo. Thx

  28. izle

    Ill take some of that wall-e cake please.

  29. Gaurav Kasera

    hey very nice cake mostly Laptop Cake

  30. eDdy

    The blackberry’s sooooooo kool cuz the buttons are clear, just like the real thing…i like the laptop too because it has an i pod and a mouse with it.

  31. Adrian

    nice one!! very nice works of art, i really like it

  32. tirena

    WOW! JUST FABULOUS works of art!!!!

  33. david


    Awesome, the cakes are so cooooooool!, I likes to take a blackberry cake one for snack.

  34. Raghav

    Really Amazing work.. Just Awesome

  35. ryan

    That Wall-E Cake is Fantastic.
    I always enjoy looking at cool cakes.

  36. Ben Kahans

    Great concepts – too good to eat!

  37. Lloyd

    Big Mac Cake!

  38. Sara Miller & shawn stringer

    Some ideas for a Macbeth cake would be great! We’re having a bake off in ap english IV, the one with the best cake design wins!

  39. Evgeny


  40. habiba

    i’m hungry

  41. anumeha

    all the cakes are aweeeeesomee! i really love the blackberry and the laptop one….!! ahh i would love that for my next bday but haa i bet their life 500 bucks or somethingggggggg :PP

  42. carol wienburg

    great detail…wonder what your prices are and how long they take to make!(I do similar ones)

  43. kelly d.

    wow i know a lot of ppl that make cakes including me but there r some in there that i would have never thought of.thx for some new ideas!!!

  44. Tyg13

    The guitar head on the GHII one is upside down.

    Otherwise, awesome cakes :D

  45. Tyg13

    Wait, nvm. I was wrong. I’m not sure why that looked wrong.

    Sorry :(

  46. smokn

    the apple cake looks delicious

  47. Courtney

    must. have. WALL.E. cake…………

  48. lawrii

    someone somewhere has really nice parents =]

  49. starzDon

    lots of Nintendo and Star Wars cakes, cool! What if you grabbed the Wii cake instead of the controller? you end up with like a very horrible score on Guitar Hero; or vice versa: don’t eat your console!

  50. tiffanys

    are those cakes? looks very good!!

  51. ED hardy

    better look than eat:)

  52. Dale B

    This is making me hungry. The cakes look so real too.

  53. ed hardy

    are those cakes? looks very good!!

  54. Nuno Lagoa

    This is seriously sad. Most of these cakes are modelled after consumer products. It just shows how empty some people’s lives are.
    Thumbs up for execution though…

  55. Abhay Singh

    so delicious i can eat em all

  56. emmanuel

    pls, i need 2 know more. i need ur info.thanks, have a blessed day.

  57. Rajj

    I liked the Walle cake design, very creative work

  58. sadigh

    so beautiful.best cakes.

  59. ed hardy

    It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have shared. Just continue writing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thanks again.

  60. Saeid

    Has anyone watch the Transformers Movie ?!
    Haahahahahaha !!

    the last cake was not the Optimus Prime ! because that Truck is not this !!

  61. alay

    these are pretty awesome, love the NES/all the video game ones/ Mario one is so seamless and really smooth and the apple one looks like a painting.

  62. jessica

    Can u buy these cakes!!!!!i want 2 buy one!!!

  63. bernice

    those cakes are very awsome i want one for my birthday the laptop one!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. clara

    I like Mario cake

  65. Trish

    These are lovely, well done

  66. linxi

    so sweet.I want to eat. crime

  67. Soleranz

    Waw1 Incredible… I’m loving it!!

  68. Mariya

    It’s delicious…………….
    I want to eat.

  69. taqiyah

    ilove all of ur lovely cakes

  70. taqiyah

    these cakes are amazing

  71. victoria winter

    umm…i guarntee you, at least four, probably more of these cakes are from charm city cakes, in baltimore, star of the show ace of cakes. i luv duff, and they rule!!!!! :)

  72. scarabeetle101

    None of them are anywhere near as good as the gears cake my mum made for me (I’m a steampunker).

  73. Rae

    I have to know, how did you make Wall.e?

  74. kubbie

    this cakes are fantastic,my daughter is always on the laptop and blackberry.it is her 21st soon and i would like to order this cakes.what are the prices.

  75. Kyle

    I think I’m going to try and make that rubics cube

  76. Bianca

    These are awesome!

  77. Catherine

    Some look so real they look fake. I could NEVER make one of those. EVER.

  78. Lelalal

    These look nice, but I bet they’re all 100% icing bleurgh:(

  79. Stacey

    Can you make a cake that looks like Torvill and Dean?

  80. fira

    as for me, if someone gave me those kinds of cakes, i will never eat them, i’ll keep them forever!! hahahaha

  81. lollipop

    the hamburger was great! it looked kinda real! :)

  82. youngin`

    haha, the laptop cake with the lil` ipod cake too ^_^ cool

  83. Charlotte

    I love all the cakes , can you order them?

  84. renee

    how do i make a kitty cat cake?

  85. Bales

    Weird choice but that shoe almost looks real and must have been real hard to make…

    My favorite is the Millenium Falcon Cake though…

  86. Lou

    Awesome cakes!

  87. Katiya

    Awsome cakes!!!
    If i had one i wouldn’t eat it for the world because they look FABULAS!!!


  88. Joe Mamma

    Whoa… I totally luvv these cakes!:O Wall-E, Reebok Shoe,PacMan, and Diet Coke Can aree mah favoriteess!:D WOW!XD i love it!:)

  89. ladylike

    omg! wall-E~~~~ yay

  90. Robert Coffen

    wow great job on these cakes.my favorite is the lap-top it looks so real.

  91. glory michael

    wow this cakes are great

  92. jp

    these are beautiful, you are an asset to your community!

  93. pepper peppino

    awesome cakes mannn :D

  94. dina

    LVE the laptop cake its so awesome

  95. thomas

    Dang it makes me freaking hungry.

  96. evony

    its so nice,,, i cant believe it…. wow…. how i wish i can make a cake like that….

  97. Tateana

    All the cakes are interesting, but my favorite one was the Mario cake.
    I can’t wait to start making cakes like this!

  98. emi8080

    How do they make the shoe so real!?

  99. ogugua ekene

    yes i’m a young cake designer and i’ve just been inspired by these wonderful show of high intelligence.

  100. Annie Welsh

    You can’t tell me there ain’t a God who give men talent to make these ausome creations

  101. Timothy

    In fact, those cake are super!

  102. jen

    The cakes look awesome -> I wish I could even bake a cake! ha ha

  103. Jessica

    i like the apple cake

  104. Deepali

    No words to say. They are sooooooo nice

  105. Mimi

    Marvelous! Some are simply weapons! I admire the creativity though.

  106. sangita

    wow……….it’s very nice design and creative………

  107. blessing

    The creativity is what I cherish. I am new in cake industry I pray to be able to do stuffs like this one day. Can I get the video to wash.

  108. julie

    Dose cakes are wonderful, love to eat.

  109. Metta

    I love all of the cakes, and one day I’ll be making them. my favorite is the Mario cake because my son like Mario and so do I.

  110. magdaalena

    awesome imma beat this amazing cakes and make better ones promise

  111. Juanita Tucker

    All I can say is…. WOW!!! These cakes are AWESOME! I love the fact that Wall-E is done in all buttercreme, not fondant, now that is some talent! Great job!

  112. foozy

    hats off to the wall-e cake

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