Flower Table

Flower Table

Hana table by Japanese designer Shige Hasegawa consists of five interlocking plywood legs that support the glass top without any screws or nails.

Origami inspired design makes the table easy to disassemble and perfect for shipping.

Hana Table by Shige Hasegawa

Hana Table by Shige Hasegawa 2

Hana Table by Shige Hasegawa 3

Hana Table by Shige Hasegawa 4

Flower Table by Shige Hasegawa

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  1. Mika

    Omg I would LOVE that table! It’s very simple and elegant :D

  2. Aru

    That’s absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Mia


  4. Kate

    Yeah, that’s mostly just scary.

  5. ilif

    omg very pretty table <3

  6. Manish Ahuja

    One of the most innovative piece idea for a table I’ve ever come across.

  7. Troy Peterson

    Wow… that is gorgeous!

  8. Jef


  9. her

    it wud be difficult to clean the dirty spill soup

  10. Haroon


  11. Jessica

    gorgeous and ingenious.

  12. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Very nice but not my style.

  13. Oana

    Really innovative and beautiful.

  14. Tony


    I have to say I’m not really a fan of glass table overall, and that would prevent me from actually buying one of these, But it does look really nice.

  15. royal creme

    I do admire the technique and would be interested in something similar perhaps without the glass?

  16. Valeria

    This is one of the greatest pieces of furniture i’ve ever seen! Great job!

  17. utsukushi

    Simple and elegant art that is practical? Beautiful idea.

  18. rob

    This is also moving friendly, it looks like it comes apart into 5 pieces of wood and a circle of glass. Something a single person could move without having to recruit half his friends for moving day.

  19. me

    Imagine taking this home from IKEA and try to put that thing together — having only two hands to do it with!

  20. Lisa

    That is beautiful design!

  21. Biz

    Marvelous! The idea is so simple, but effective.

  22. kaklong

    subhanallah. it is a very great design. congratulations.

  23. Hsiu

    Wow…”green” design!

  24. pimpin

    glass tables are great for doing blow.

  25. PhotoBabe5

    Instead of glass you could use plexiglass. I like the concept and the fact that it is easy to move if needed.

  26. sim

    hey all, where can get it? how much?

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