Creative Dollar Bill Origami

Dollar Bill Origami

Dollar Bill Origami (or money origami) is a type of origami that uses money instead of paper. We hope you enjoy this collection of dollar bill origami.

Origami is an ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of square paper.

Origami Money Shirt With Tie

Here is an origami shirt with tie folded from a dollar bill. [link]

Origami Money Shirt With Tie

Origami Fish

Origami fish – made by June. [link]

Origami Fish

Origami Rhino

This is Montroll design From his Dollar Bill Animals book. [link]

Origami Rhino

Origami Cat

Designed by Roman Diaz. [link]

Origami Cat

Dollar Dude

A little guy made out of two dollar bills. [link]

Dollar Dude

Origami Rooster

Designed by John Montroll. Folded by Phillip West. [link]

Origami Rooster

Hang Glider

Folded from a dollar bill. With a new money-folding site popping up, [link]

Hang Glider

Origami Apatosaurus

Designed by John Montroll. Folded by Phillip West. [link]

Origami Apatosaurus

Origami F-14 Airplane

Dollar Bill Origami F-14 Airplane [link]

Origami F14 Airplane

More Creative Dollar Bill Origami

Creative Dollar Bill Origami 2

Creative Dollar Bill Origami

Creative Dollar Bill Origami 5

Creative Dollar Bill Origami 6

Creative Dollar Bill Origami 3

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  1. rosita

    A really nice collection!

  2. Husac

    :) cool; a good imagination and pockets full of money;).

    cheers, husac!

  3. akicknchicken

    the carp is by far the best one..The detail is amazing..

  4. Luiz

    I wish I could learn how to do them. Amazing collection!

  5. Matt

    Great collection — I’m amazed by the shirt and tie.

  6. IMran


  7. sego

    can’t believe!

  8. minita

    i like the camera!

  9. camilla

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful demais genten!

  10. Scott

    Those are great. I love the koi

  11. kamleshkhatri

    Great collection

  12. makus

    wish I could learn how to do them

  13. Yhourgai

    Yhou hsuk aht meikeng $$$ ahrt!

  14. tasarimci

    i like the camera! miracle :s

  15. kirtasiye

    can’t believe!

  16. Philip Brown

    Bravo,wonderful work all of them,Aloha to all the hard working artists,very entertaining.Thank you.

  17. ingilizce

    funny design tank you

  18. baba


  19. grassy

    **Great** you should try to buy something with them and see what the cashier does!!!

  20. komgrit

    I like the chicken one

  21. JOhn Minor

    Wow dude are you kidding me? that is totally insane!


  22. Artur

    very good job :)

  23. Rubens Mariuzzo

    Very nice thanks.

  24. frank

    Impressive :)

  25. Nick

    Finally someone has found a use for these things.

  26. Brian

    You could probably sell them all for $15. Nice job.

  27. Henry

    Nicely done. Like the camera and fish.Makes the dollar worth so much more now adays.

  28. Michael Robinson

    I enjoyed folding the cat, but I had trouble at Step 26, and don’t know Spanish. I used Babelfish and loosely translated all the comments to help me fold it. Here they are:

    For “Gato” origami instructions by Roman Diaz.
    Loose translation of Spanish comments into English with additional editorial comments by Michael Robinson
    Title: Cat
    Begin with a rectangle of ratio 2.45:1
    Remove the square and use the leftover paper rectangle
    Step 20: The cat head’s “cheeks” are not flattened. (Ed. they are 3D)
    Step 21: To flatten the “cheeks”: (Vary to create different cat face shapes)
    Step 24: Vary the fold position to change the proportions of the cat’s body and tail.
    Step 26: Repeat Step 24, but this time, separate all of the layers (Ed: This is a double reverse fold; more easily accomplished by spreading out all of the layers when performing.)
    Step 28: Stick your finger in here.
    Step 30: Leave the paper opened up where you stuck your finger in.

  29. Stephen

    The F-14 is a perfect comment on the futility, wastefulness and cost of war.

  30. Joe | A New Band A

    These are incredible – the fish and shark blew mymind! How can anyone have such nimble fingers?

    I think this is just further proof that ROBOTS HAVE ASSIMILATED HUMAN SOCIETY! Arm Yourselves for the Robo-Pocalypse! *puts on tin-foil hat*

  31. Luiz

    I got the koi down but i really wanna know how to make the camera for a teacher.

  32. Abdo Maya

    They are reeeeeeeeealy amazing. WaW

  33. isabelle_yang

    There’s a Yoda one too, but not made from a dollar bill:

  34. wellgirl

    that fish is reeeeeealy incredable. :) i like it.

  35. tian

    I am very interested about origami. where I can learn?
    please give me information

  36. gazeteci

    Incredible tanks

  37. Bored

    The shark and the fish are the best imo

  38. Sugn

    i wish i could learn such talent, the amazing folding is unbelievable…i will try to learn the talent of wich you have…never seen such detail

  39. Ana

    I think this is very creative…I myself have never tried to do something like. I admire the people who have the patients and time to do all of this!

  40. web

    Someone now how to make Raptor paper and the Camera?

  41. wildwest

    Why there are no origami made with a 100 $? ))

  42. Jasmine

    because it’s a waste of money??
    haha lol jk
    where can i learn how to make these?

  43. crazyjohn

    Man i wish i learned how to do the hang glider 1 that one was really awesome

  44. dolin

    good models, but there is a better way to waste money

  45. autumn

    I love all them

  46. giovanni

    and its a money saver and promotional gimmick. A single folder dollar bill is a more impressive tip then two singles; the same would be true with change given. I know I’d tip a bartender more if she/he gave my change like this. Its just cool.

  47. P.

    Nice collection. Do you have instructions on how to make a dollar bill lei like the ones worn at graduations?

  48. Cat Johnson

    I love the delicacy and intricacy of these pieces, with he old world and the new folded into each other. I know a woman who made the most amazing creations out of the paper in cigarette packages.

    Thanks for the great post!

  49. Diode

    wow you shold make 1 vrom a $100 bill and sell it 4 $200

  50. Susan

    These are nice. But I once saw a shirt made out of dollar bills that was large enough to fit into a regular shirt box. Does anyone know how to make it?

  51. kyle

    wow amazing just wish i could learn how to make this stuff someone should make a website about tht i would deff check it out and make everyone these are so fun and coooooll i absolutely loves these haha especially the camera and the hanglider love itt

  52. pgdarth95

    dude were are the instructions for the camera? -_-

  53. anthony

    just love what other things you can do before you spend your monies, a great conversation piece.

  54. JoAnn

    I think this is amazing!!!! I would love to learn how to do some of this. I wish someone would start a website with directions on how to make some of this. If you ever decide to please let me know.

  55. Megan

    Beautiful creations! Origami is hard but the end result looks amazing.

  56. bodily fluis


  57. omid

    it’s so fantastic

  58. niki

    have you ever thought on showing how to do the steps on how to make it

  59. michel

    the f-14 is coooooool!!

  60. peter

    i really like this dollars

  61. Allison M

    hi. my sister is really into photography and after seeing a picture of that origami camera it floored me i was like. I have to make that! But of course there aren’t any instructions for it. Darn. I would love to learn how to make it. So my question is where did you get the pattern to make it? I would really like to learn how.

  62. Ole

    Ole from Denmark

  63. ChEeSe

    how do people come up with this stuff?? its amazing!! i could never make those:)

  64. sajad

    those are very fantastic.
    im from iran.

  65. breeanna

    Great Work <<33

  66. Piper

    i <3 the shark and camera!!!! :) :D :) :D :) :D

  67. Gracie

    I love any money but this….. SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Nor


  69. Dominique

    I like the dollar origami hang glider

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