Giant Chewing Gum Sculptures

Giant Chewing Gum Sculptures in Venice

Simone Decker, a talented artist that lives and works in Frankfurt, has created a series of unique sculptures that look like giant chewing gum wads. Enjoy!

Giant Chewing Gum in Venice

Giant Chewing Gum Sculptures

Chewing Gum Sculptures in Venice

Chewing Gum Sculptures

Chewing Gum Sculpture

Chewing Gum in Venice

Chewing in Venice

Giant Chewing Gum

Chewing in Venice by Simone Decker

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  1. Elliot

    I’d like to see more angles… these look a little too off to be real.

  2. Tom

    I think they arent made of chewing gum. But they look like.

  3. Mika


    “unique sculptures that look like giant chewing gum wads”

    They aren’t actually gum, but I also would have liked to see more angles…some of them look like they might only work from one angle, would be interesting to confirm/negate that idea.

  4. itsbrandnew

    thats halarious!

  5. s2las

    Whatta big sticky chewing gum….Amazing

  6. Buzz

    Those are Fantastic! Very Creative – i’d like to see more pics of the one that is filling the hole

  7. Awesome-X

    I am a professional artist and my professional opinion is that these installations are ok.Please comment no further about the subject and just go on living your life as you would if you had never seen this.

  8. CGARC

    i say fake, there is a lack of contact shadows in any of they pictures

  9. LBC


  10. tom

    that’s so fake…terrible photoshopping

  11. sandra

    How cool:) Even if this is fake, the Idea behind it is brilliant:)

  12. bryan

    These are horrible photoshop fakes, seriously.

  13. veniceguy

    uhm… i actually live in Venice, and nothing pictured here is real.

  14. Television Spy

    some of them are bad, but this would be great for a campaign against careless gum throwers who stick it on things and don’t think of how ugly it makes things or the fact that it’ll remain there for quite a while and can hurt animals in the process if they should accidentally step on it or get caught in it.

  15. Brian

    Eh, don’t know if they are fake or not, but the one filling the hole looks pretty cool. They should fill all potholes that way.

  16. Cechas

    sculptures like that makes you feel so small ;] looks nice, so is it PH fakes of is it true?

  17. Jamie

    These were in Venice for the biennale in 1999.

  18. delere

    I hope I don’t step in that!…..hmmmm…I hope there isn’t anyone big enough to step in that! Fun!

  19. Nova Martial Arts

    Wow that is amazing! I never though chewing would be used as a building material for sculptures? Haha that is actually hillarious when you think about it

  20. Grow Taller Supplements

    I would like to chew some of that gum!

  21. simplycomplicated

    I wonder if they would allow this in Singapore lols…

  22. Stephanie

    If any of you went to her website you will see that these were part of a photo exhibition. There were no actual installations in the city itself. These are photographs – no sculptures were ever installed.

  23. Kelly G.

    I work in a local high school as a cleaner and each year I have seen first had what some one can do with a years worth of gum in a locker.
    On any given day we throw out some 5 to 8 lb.s of gum and have to say I do beleave.
    These are photos but also beleave it could be done if we saved all the gum chewed at our high schools.

  24. paintbot

    if it were real, i would want to throw somebody at it and see if they ping off. >:)

  25. rose

    that is ausome what talent

  26. debi

    I bet his jaws are sore after chewing all that gum! :)

  27. Gwen

    Have you seen the Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo? This is even better!

  28. jaahr

    This work is absolutly great, but I’m sorry it’s not sculptures… It’s just pictures. Have a look to her website, she writes “serie of 15 pictures”. Somewhere else I saw that it was an advertising campaign but I’m not sure. Would like to see this real somwhere!


    this is REAL???

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