Narrow House

Narrow House

Innovative house designed by Jakub Szczesny will be constructed in the narrow space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland.

The world’s narrowest house (72 – 133 cm) will have compact kitchen, small bathroom, modern workstation, and comfortable bedroom.

Steel frame is already assembled, the rest of the narrow house will be completed by the end of 2012.

Narrow House by Jakub Szczesny

Thinnest House

Narrowest House

Etgar Kerets House

Jakub Szczesny

House by Jakub Szczesny

Etgar Keret House

Keret House

Thin House

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  1. Diego

    i wanna live in there.

  2. Kei

    I can’t live in there

  3. Nisa Zul

    I wonder who will stay there?! And the fun maybe just for a short term.

  4. Lorenzo

    Its an elaborate prison cell. However depending on the price and location, I would do it.

  5. Sharyn

    I think it’s a great idea for a short term rental. It’d be ideal for a company who often has staff visiting between offices. It doesn’t look like it’s designed to be a permanent home.

  6. kadal

    you have to be skinny
    you must be a single
    you must be a person who hate to have a guest.

    then you can live there.

  7. Icke

    Where is the shower?

  8. thisKID


    It’s in front of/over the toilet.

  9. Lilia Smiles

    Does the house have to be a triangle? A rectangle would be nice too and more roomy, unless it interferes with structural integrity.

  10. Leon

    I guess the investor wanted to save on land cost :)

  11. Gert

    Yaahhhh… no.

  12. Betty

    It would do in a pinch.

    Sorry…couldn’t help myself…lol.

  13. Jennifer

    I wonder how to squuuuueeeeeeze in there

  14. Douglas

    That’s messed up.

  15. jimbo

    nice thought…poor design. Where is storage? Why not a 25 or 30 degree roof rather than a 45? Changing the triangle would at least offer an opportunity for addition space. All space is unacceptable unless it is the accessable. Addtional lighting could be provided by adding more window portals on the roof.

  16. Natasha

    How will you hook up the plumbing? If it’s in the Alley, will you be able to hook it up to the city water supply?

  17. looloo

    lol not for fat people then

  18. Libeerian

    This would definitely force one to adhere to that impossible diet…

  19. James

    Only 2 windows?? I would think the harsh angle of the roof would allow for a series of skylights to let more light into the cramped rooms. I can see this having some sort of appeal as a hotel suite… A whole bunch of them could make a neat modular structure, but organizing my life in one would be difficult and uncomfortable.

  20. Hosein

    Woooow i like it :))

  21. Enrico Martinez

    A must for “The Biggest Loser” contestants.
    Have them live in this kind of house.
    It would inspire them to lose weight more.

  22. Edward Martinez

    Hey! They’ve forgot the swimming pool.

  23. Atavar

    I would have thought building regulations regarding the prevention of allowing fire to spread from building to building would have meant this would be frowned upon?

  24. LadyBee

    I know that I would literally go INSANE in that “house.” Even though I live in a comfortable small apartment, this is ridiculous. Whomever lives in here must be:
    *not claustrophobic
    *very, VERY skinny
    *OK that they will have nowhere to put items or storage
    *Fine that when they wake up and stretch they’ll bang their arms on the wall
    *Just dandy that they can never invite guests because of no living room
    *and lastly they must ride a scooter or have roller skates because parking will be impossible

  25. LadyBee

    Oh and they should just change the design to a rectangle for more space, I mean like Atavar said, even though this already seems like a fire hazard because of how close the buildings are,I’m pretty sure changing it to a rectangle wouldn’t make it any anymore dangerously flammable than it already is.

  26. E

    I like the craftiness of small houses, but this is :(
    Not to mention lack of sunlight/natural light

  27. positive pal

    The drop down steps are a great idea, as long as its a hydrolic system on a remote!

  28. kelly Tozarin

    A triangle isn’t the better shape for small spaces.The house is very dangerous because of the stairs (risk of falling) and the ceiling (hitting the head). Showering is also a problem because the toilet will get wet all the times. Another problem: there is only one sink to wash the dishes and hands after using the toilet (not a good ideia). Natural ventilation is bad. Someone already mentioned the poor natural light. How can the city approve a plan like this? I bet the neighboors aren’t happy.

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