Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures

Chewing Gum Sculptures

Italian artist Maurizio Savini, creates amazing sculptures from regular pink chewing gum.

The synthetic fleshliness of the pink color, the obsessive square shape of the product unwrapped and ready to be shred to pieces by the power of the tongue, all compete in crashing on the senses. Applying all this to the power and energy of the Sculpture and its history causes a short circuit having the capacity of turning the ludic into stately and vice versa.

The strict minimalism of parallelepiped is subverted by the uniform coating with many bars of chewing-gum completely cover it, rendering chewable to desire, soft and provoking to forbidden touch, what was abstract and distant.

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 2

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 3

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 4

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 5

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 6

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 7

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 8

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 9

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures 10

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures

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  1. C.Acioli

    ooow mama!


    i can imagine a lot of ants walking around that sweet land….

  2. tehs

    This is very creative, work to be appreciated.

  3. rachana


    It’s just amazing.Every one should have a thought b4 consuming any thing.

  4. McIntyre

    I wonder which bubble gum he used…. :P

  5. Milla Valkeasuo

    MMMMMM, I wonder how long those last

  6. dunn

    i wanna chew that gator !! yummi!

  7. jorja

    I can just imagine all that sugar. What a high!
    I can’t believe he swallowed it. Mr. Savini is certainly quite an artist!

  8. Victoria

    Those pictures are so cool.

  9. Gigi

    omg thats awsome im doing gum art one of my art classes

  10. Gigi

    my favorite is the bear right now im chewing the gum for it

  11. Jamie Morales

    Yet another artist that uses unusual material to create some form of art. I wonder what the next artist will use? I propose fish carcass to neutralize all that sugary fragrance.

  12. larna

    omigodh that is soo cool

  13. jennette

    wow this is amazing honestly it takes a true artist to look at a stick of gum and have the creativity to make something as detailed and spectacular as this

  14. Amanda

    on another website i saw a dog it was so detailed truly amazing can you even imagine who long that must have took seriously

  15. JOKERRR :)

    WOW !
    realyy cool ddudeyy.
    i am doin a really intersting project on recyleing chewing gum. THANK YOU FOR ur insperation :)

  16. chewing gum lover

    that’s a lot of chewing gum! delicious! jum!:P
    wait… do i see bubblicious??? JUM!!!!!! i LOVE bubblicious!!!!! :-D

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