Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso

Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso

Beautiful and unique spaghetti bench designs by Pablo Reinoso, a talented Argentinian artist that lives and works in Paris.

Photographs courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London.

Spaghetti Bench Design

Cool Spaghetti Bench

Creative Spaghetti Bench

Unique Spaghetti Bench

Unusual Spaghetti Bench

Clever Spaghetti Bench

Spaghetti Bench

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  1. Megan

    Creative and beautiful at the same time. Awesome!

  2. Jon

    I’d love to know how this was made. Amazing concept and very well executed

  3. lily

    very well built


    I wonder if those are bendable. :P

  5. mostafa


  6. Kitsune CC

    Wow, very impressive =D I would love to have a pair of it =D

  7. tech-mad

    very eye-catching

  8. karlitta

    Very nice! :)

  9. Zohair

    Impressive , this like the green devil we can call it wooden devil.

  10. Paul Sample

    that’s awesome! iloveit.

  11. Virginia

    From the title, I was expecting to see something minature that was made out of spaghetti or other pasta. this is much more useful and undoubtedly longer lasting.

  12. Karin L. Stewart

    I’ve seen this previously but great design can be viewed forever!

  13. Spankz

    lol, it would be difficult to steal this bench.

  14. Alan

    Can anyone help me out and give me a suggestion to design this bench as a dummy.I really like this design i want to be create just a dummy of this bench.I really like this design its a wonderful peace e of art

  15. Nina

    I can imagine sitting in a magic forest… love it.

  16. Nicole

    Just one word : marvellous!

  17. Ders

    WOW… I’d love to see this in a park with the extended pieces wrapped around a tree

  18. Samir


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