Beautiful Bench Designs Collection

Beautiful Bench Designs Collection

Nowadays, benches come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases our favorite examples of beautiful and unusual bench designs.

Seesaw Bench

An attempt at getting strangers to conversate in public spaces. This bench requires cooperation to be functional. [more]

Seesaw Bench

The Rolling Bench

The age old problem of wet benches has been solved by a group of Korean designers. [more]

The Rolling Bench

The Rolling Bench 2

Rox Bench

In the winter the unit collapses down into a storage unit where you can keep garden tools, children’s toys, etc. In the summer it opens out into a 3 seater bench and has two accompanying tables. Another feature is the built in solar lights, creating a cool night time effect.

Rox Bench

Rox Bench 2

Rox Bench 3

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig

Creative wooden benches by Matthias Pliessnig.

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig 2

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig 3

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig 4


LightBench by Frellstedt, Germany, is based on modern RGB LED lighting technology. Thanks to LED it can be lit in millions of adjustable shades of bright or soft colors.


LightBench 2

334 Newspaper Bench

The “334” bench is made of 3 parallel bars of metal and 334 newspapers folded and stacked next to each other. The challenge of that series is to recycle a product, but also to design a furniture without using any screw, glue, soldering, etc.

334 Newspaper Bench

334 Newspaper Bench 2

Union Bench

This is a bench without a back or front, that let’s everyone sit and enjoy from every internal mood and external angle. It’s a non- fuss design with maximum practical benefit and desirable, minimalist aesthetic.

Union Bench

Union Bench 2

Splinter Bench

The Splinter bench consists of two sculptural side chairs, each with a smooth and a jagged side—as if they have been broken apart, or “splintered” from each other. When joined at their serrated ends, they fit together like puzzle pieces to form a sleek contemporary-looking bench. They can also be arranged to join along their smooth sides, creating a lounger with rough-hewn edges for an Arts and Crafts feel.

Splinter Bench

Splinter Bench 2

Tennis Ball Benches

You may have thoughts tennis balls were just for tennis – but creative Dutch designer Tejo Remy has found a another use for the bright yellow bouncy felt-and-rubber balls.

Tennis Ball Benches

Tennis Ball Benches 2

Tennis Ball Benches 3

For more bench designs, check out: 15 Creative and Unique Benches

  1. Time Tracker

    While the rolling bench is accredited to Korean designers, this MUST have initially been discussed by an Englishman, or at least they’re selling like crazy in the UK.

  2. michael

    Some great ideas here!

  3. scott d

    tennis ball bench was cool but doesnt it hurt to sit on your balls?

  4. Tracy

    they just make you want to sit down!

  5. katie

    Ah but the problem with the roll bench even if it was in the UK it doesn’t stop raining for long enough to actually sit down in the first place.

  6. akdeniz türkü

    seasaw bench is so funny, I like it, can we buy it? is anybody know?

  7. DK

    The union and light benches are very practicle and needed everywhere.

  8. lewiz

    Great pieces (some) but what about a contact or resource if need to purchase an item? i.e. Union Bench?

  9. joy

    The design is very interesting!

  10. Mia

    haha I like the tennis ball bench

  11. nawin nandakumar

    different and creative person you are. With an amazing talent and Design sense. Practical application. Kudos. Do wel and my regards to you.

  12. gb/nyc

    roll bench looks like a line of dachshunds.

  13. Nivetha

    Awesome idea of design… Nice work

  14. Eliza

    the last is the best!!

  15. Scirocco

    tennis ball bench was cool but doesnt it hurt to sit on your balls?

  16. omats

    i love the union bench

  17. Nathan

    I love your benches! keep it up!

  18. linou

    the last bench is really cool because parents can be seat and child could play in. fun

  19. Mischa

    Is anyone else bothered by the use of the word ‘conversate’ instead of ‘converse’?

  20. Romeo Lanz -cebu.philippines

    Great design concept. It is also perfect around the trees. A lot of so called ‘designers’ install benches around the tree trunks located on parks here making the concrete benches grow with the trees over the years..

  21. Justine

    These are amazing!

  22. Edgar Galeos Apa

    Cool! A unique design especially the light bench, I Love it! Keep up!

  23. Gelareh

    Wow! I really have to go and design one. Love it so much.

  24. rikitingting

    The seesaw bench is a nice idea, but it looks a bit unstable. I like the Rolling Bench and Union Bench, simple and functional. The Splinter Bench is also creative. :D

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