Creative Benches

Creative Benches

Unusual and creative park benches designed by Danish artist Jeppe Hein.

Modified Social Benches” are great conversation starters. They inspire people to interact with one another and the bench itself.

Creative Park Bench

Social Benches

Modified Benches

Modified Social Benches

Jeppe Hein

Modified Bench

Social Bench by Jeppe Hein

Social Benches by Jeppe Hein

Modified Bench by Jeppe Hein

Modified Benches by Jeppe Hein

Modified Social Bench

Modified Social Bench by Jeppe Hein

Social Bench

Unusual Benches

Skateboard Bench

Creative Bench

Modified Social Benches by Jeppe Hein

Unusual Bench

Creative Park Benches

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  1. woops

    Each are very unique. I have to sit on them all

  2. reason

    I think the first conversation might be how uncomfortable some of these benches are.

  3. Nick

    I saw some of those in Belgium, at the coast. There were really uncomfortable indeed :). But very unique! Nice job!

  4. Ben

    I can just agree.
    They are creative, but I don’t think they are meant to be comfy !

  5. Jess

    What an awesome idea(s) So CREATIVE

  6. Douglas

    Take basic components of park bench and exaggerate, call it art, make some cash.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  7. Max

    Must have been a lot of fun creation these. Nice intervention. By far one of the best projects I’ve seen on toxel

  8. Jeff Grosso

    Monty Nolder Grind.

  9. Daniel Charbonneau

    A nice introspection on functionnality vs perception. That’s the core of every design.

  10. Rose

    Fantastic idea. Great for bringing people closer together.

  11. Katie

    I love the circular one.

  12. Kittu

    I like the face to face ones.. that will force people to come out of their shell and talk.

  13. brann

    Dumbest idea ever and a huge waste of space and trees for the sake of forced interaction.

  14. bananaman

    People have wasted much more for way stupider reasons, so I wouldn’t say its the dumbest idea EVER.

  15. brann

    @bananaman Yes I guess you’re right, I was exaggerating for the sake of the argument. I enjoy creativity, but what I said comes from the fact that I live in a country where space is an issue and benches are often stolen for wood, so I cannot relate to this particular concept :)

  16. A bored housewife

    The round circle and The conversation style (Z shape)benches are cool for public areas. Makes multiple people share space or even be face to face with others. People (strangers) might actually still be propelled to converse with one others with those styles instead of texting them. Imagine that!

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