Creative Surgical Masks for Dentists

Creative Surgical Masks for Dentists

Clever surgical masks with funny cartoon mouths were sent to dentists in Hamburg, Germany.

The goal was to lighten up a visit to the dentist for the kids and everyone else, as well as to promote Colgate Smiles Kids toothbrushes.

Colgate Surgical Mask

Colgate Dentist Masks

Creative Dentist Mask

Colgate Surgical Masks for Dentists

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

  1. guest

    oh god those are horrifying

  2. Enrique Ramírez

    The last one is extremely creepy.

  3. kelven cheah

    funny, like it ///

  4. JoAnna

    eesh, i’m already having nightmares. No amount of nitrous could make me think these are okay.

  5. Chris

    I get Bugs Bunny, but who is the other one meant to be?

  6. sammi

    wow this is just terrible….how can this make kids actually smile, as well as listen, and it’s just a pity how they are also holding tools for the “shoot”

  7. sammi

    the first, and the second to last one are just creepy…im having nightmares tonight!

  8. Manish Ahuja

    with masks like these I’m sure patients MIGHT just be a little less petrified to visit a doc and get treated :)

  9. mostafa

    there would be better ideas !

  10. krui

    wow such babies here… this is very funny

  11. Troy Peterson

    For an adult, it would be hilarious… but, for children, it would be horrifying!!!!

    I like them though :)

  12. Paul Sample

    freaky funny creepy!!

  13. Ankit Nagori

    Makes even a mundane profession interesting..

  14. Sami

    Those scare the shit out of me!

  15. Vijay

    Ha ha they are very creepy, imagine getting an injection with someone wearing one of them? I’d wear one at a horror fancy dress.

  16. sloppy

    hahaha…. this is very funny

  17. niol

    they are pathetic.

  18. dylan

    haha jeese, some kids are going to be disturbed

  19. aansa

    I don’t think people are afraid of dentist’s face so it may not work at all to reduce the fear.

  20. Karin L. Stewart

    I can’t understand the numerous CREEPY comments! I would love to see a little levity in the dentist office. Perhaps some more maske with great toothy grins or other creative art. A dentist deep in thought perhaps chewing on his lip? or whatever but the thought is EXCELLENT!

  21. ssoheil

    they ar so funny :D
    but just in the pics and it’s so creepy for the child patients

  22. Graydian

    they should just do ones with a pair of massive lips on it :)

  23. Brian

    Maybe everyone is thinking if their own adult dentist wore these, it would be creepy. But for my kids, they think they look funny!

  24. tech-mad

    for those who find it funny, i think your dentist might have a tough time working on you if you can’t stay still from laughing. you might get the wrong tooth pulled out.

    and for the record, i think they’re creepy too!

  25. Hal Rager

    I think the masks are Bugs Bunny and Sponge Bob Squarepants… I am sure my seven year old would *freak*!

  26. Beezy

    i wouldn’t trust these people near me with sharp objects!

  27. luis minaya

    i cant say for sure but i think that a child will laugh with these masks, i think kids don’t see them as an offensive joke, they more likely laugh as they remember bugs bunny mouth…

  28. delere

    the idea of decorating the masks is good but these are just wrong.

  29. Peter Ong

    I think my kids might be laughing too much than saying “ahhh” Hahaha. Interesting idea though.

  30. Vijay

    With the flexible technology available you could have a moving image on there.

  31. Simon

    Uha! like it…

  32. Luiz Paulo Monteiro

    So cool! Now with H1N1 around, its the way to be happy instead of worried…nice guys!


  33. John R

    I think kids might like them but I think they are ghastly.

  34. Tony

    They are the stuff of nightmares

  35. Eric

    Anyone know where you could buy some of these? I’m searching but no luck yet.

  36. Ders

    Umm, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel in a dentist chair if they were wearing one of those!!

  37. Erika

    FREAKY Don`t ever wanna see my dentist with does on I`ll bite the fingers off him by accident if I do

  38. SHEILA

    I love them.. I want to talk to the artist who did the graphics I may have a job for you..

  39. Ayman

    I would like to know if there was a study done to observe thier effect on patients or not. And if there is a study I would like to read it. thanks

  40. Mr Smile

    Anyone knows where i can buy these mask? Im in my last year of dental studies and this would help me alot in my work.

  41. stephanie

    one is spongebob and the other is bugs bunny

  42. Reilly

    Just what going to the dentist needed… something to make it EVEN MORE horrifying.

  43. kristen

    i thought it was funny at first, but people are already scared of the dentist… maybe like a doctor or something, but not someone digging in your mouth. no thanks. id request my dentist removed it.

  44. C-sar

    where i can get that kind of mask??

  45. lamia

    i would like to know if we can orded and make our on disigens masks there so cute

  46. Student

    Where can i buy this masks?

  47. Alicia Lopez

    Where can we purchase these masks please let me know I love it

  48. surgeon

    90% of people are paranoic, scared of dentist with funny mask, bulldefecate ! they’r really funny and creative

  49. jessica

    this is the perfect thing to help me find a picture for my school project thanks :)

  50. Marcel

    How much do these cost per 100? Would be great for the Sophia Childrens Hospital

  51. Adam

    Sory my mom is a dentist where can i buy those masks???

  52. Melissa

    I would love to wear those on Halloween!… Where can i order them?

  53. Aida

    where can I get these masks?

  54. Rizia

    where can I get these masks?

  55. Günther

    Where can I get these masks?

  56. Nicole

    How may I order these masks?

  57. Sheila Thompson

    I work in the OR as a Surgical Tech and would love to get my hands on a box or two of these mask. These are very creative and funny. Thxs for sharing!

  58. Isalia

    I work at a dental office and we love these! How can we purchase them?

  59. Brenda

    as so many here…i would like to purchase these masks…How can i order them?

  60. nikflorida

    Just guessing, but I’m betting those people who are commenting that they’re “creepy” and “horrifying” also are caulrophobic… and indeed some kids are too. I think most aren’t though… I personally think they’re cute (although I will say that I like the first picture better, with the “perfect” row of straight teeth.)

  61. Paul

    Perfect idea, my sister is dentist, where can I order the masks?

  62. Kevin

    These would go over GREAT in the Ortho Surgical Center I work in. Where can I buy some of these.

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