Baby Head Masks

Baby Head Masks

Landon Meier creates realistic and somewhat disturbing baby head masks.

Hyperflesh baby masks are carefully handcrafted by the artist out of extra thick latex. One size fits all. $250 + shipping.

Baby Head Mask

Baby Mask

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  1. Joe

    That is the stuff of nightmares

  2. Jam

    no comment…

  3. Derek Po


    I love this!

  4. chedie

    I’m scared 0_0

  5. Duff

    … This is just wrong.

  6. Lau


  7. H7

    That video was beyond disturbing.

  8. anonymous194

    This is nightmare fuel…

  9. GustaveCo


  10. Pr

    Worst head job(s) I’ve ever seen.

  11. Mon Sun C

    Not exactly my kind of thing, cool but not for me.

  12. Robber

    I know what my new disguise is.

  13. entreprenr

    great for robbing a bank…

  14. Miel

    What’s the point?

  15. red

    that’s just creepy

  16. Thinkfast

    What about black people, can’t they get disguised as a baby. Just… WoW.

  17. Aerwhyn

    Is this an ad for skin care products? =P

  18. Ben

    Disturbing, creepy, wrong and pointless. Everything has already been said !

  19. Zoey


  20. Doc

    These masks are very disturbing in different levels and yet amusing at the same time. I’d want to see one but I wouldn’t want to have it in my room

  21. MJ

    $250 + shipping ?

  22. socreative

    very weird but i would definitely buy one!

  23. Plum

    Why can’t they be happy baby-masks? Why do they look like they are in pain and agony??

    It is just disturbing and uncomfortable looking at them with those horrified looks frozen over their face…

  24. Sarah Farrukh

    hehehe………. stupid baby LoL

  25. Loc

    Looks funny.

  26. Ray Ban

    I own the Balling Baby mask and its the one of the best in my collection, I have more fun´╗┐ with that mask.

  27. Derek

    I’m thinking these will be appearing in the next Saw movie or something.

    egads those are creepy O_o

  28. PeterEdin

    I look like that without a mask :-)

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