Beautiful Hand Painted Feathers

Beautiful Hand Painted Feathers

Julie Thompson lives and works in Pacific Northwest, creating beautiful and unique feather paintings for everyone to enjoy.

The artist started painting on naturally-molted peacock wing-feathers in 1990 and since then many of her painted feathers have found homes in different countries across the world.

Hand Painted Feathers

Painted Feathers

Feather Paintings

Cool Feather Paintings

Painted Feathers by Julie Thompson

Feather Paintings by Julie Thompson

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  1. Victoria

    Umm… not as cool as I expected “hand-painted feathers” to be.

  2. tech-mad

    must be painstaking work.

  3. niol

    intricate work.never knew painted feathers existed.

  4. Sil

    I think is veeery pretty. Victoria, not as cool as you expected? Can you make better?

  5. Jef

    it’d be cooler if there was a three wolf moon feather.
    the best they did was just two wolfs and a moon.

  6. Megan

    Wow, truly beautiful.

  7. lucky

    whooahhh so amazing…great painted

  8. ssoheil

    yea I think it’s worsting time and these are not wondering me, and its not a creative idea because i know many peaple who can do that or they can painting on miniator stons, I think this place is for creativivity
    but these feather ar just beautifull

  9. TFox

    Hey ssoheil!…what the Hell is “worsting?” and it’s Miniature not “miniator”
    and it’s Stones not “stons”…you should eaither take an english class or use spell check!….and what does “Wondering me” mean? This guy paints better than you SPELL!…Lastly, it’s spelled creativity not “creativivity.”

  10. marker

    100% kitsch

  11. Karin L. Stewart

    I really like these. I wonder if the artist ever thought of doing landscapes, or still lifes?

  12. delere

    I thought I saw this on here before about a year ago…

  13. Julie Thompson

    Hi there, thank you for your kind words. A friend directed me to this blog.

    To Marker, I have to ask, why do you consider this worthless and inferior? “Kitsch” is defined as “denoting art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art or a worthless imitation of art of recognized value. Is it because it is not on canvas or paper? Painters of centuries past put their images on anything that they could, which is what I have done. The feathers were at hand, and so I ‘recycled’ and used them. If these paintings were on canvas, would they be more acceptable? I’m certainly glad my clients don’t feel the way you do, I enjoy meshing a painted composition with a “canvas” as unique as a feather. And if you consider this an imitation, please let me know how so. I work very hard at being unique, and don’t want to be considered just a poor duplicate.

    hi Karin, yes, I have done landscapes, and a few still-lifes too. These days about 95% of what I’m painting is commissioned work, so I’m painting what folks are asking of me. I’ve got a very interesting one on the table now, unlike anything I’ve ever done before… very New Age… but a challenge is fun!

    Yes, ssoheil, many people indeed do this. Many these days. Not so when I started doing it 20 years ago, hardly anyone was doing it then and back then I had not sen it done – I was merely looking for a use for all these gorgeous naturally-shed feathers.

  14. Terry Joseph

    Hi Julie, as a fellow artist, (on the E. Coast) I just wanted to say I your samples were emailed to me from a pen pal in Sri-Lanka, so your work has made it around the world! She knows I am an artist and am interested in beautiful things. They pictures were not attributed, but I found your work w/a Google search and you were the 2nd entry. I do not have a blog, which is a good thing, because I would have to learn to ignore nasty comments like the ones from Victoria and Ssoheil. They need to go out and do some community work, LOL!
    Take care, and keep painting. Be happy.

  15. Lola

    AWESOME!!!! I also paint on feathers and love it!! I have seen many others but yours are some of the best!! Keep is a gift…ignore the ignorant. They are jealous and need to take a class or two in art appreciation!!! Spelling too!!
    Blessings to you!!

  16. Ashley Mack

    The only people who ever have anything negative to say are the ones who are never pleased with anything, or jealous.

    There is no right or wrong way to create art and this person obviously has talent, anyone who has an eye for art can see that.

  17. Becki L. Frost

    Art of any kind is beautful, even if it is not. What matters is the artist saw something beautful and decided to share it in their own way. Thank you, Julie, for seeing something truely extraordinary and sharing it with us!

  18. Corinne Tham

    How much to buy some feathers?
    I would ignore the unkind thoughtless untrue (not cool) comment.
    not a cool person! Thanks for posting.

  19. Carol Smith

    Julie You are an accomplished artist my dear. Don’t let the turkies get you down, just pluck thier feathers and continue your lovely work. I have a friend who does this type of work her name is Sue Gueiken from Minnesota, now retired in Florida. Very talanted much like you. Keep up the wonderful expression of yourself and ignore the flat heads who are so ignorant that the would pass up a treasure if it hit them in the face. I wonder if they ever learned to draw a stick person? Love to you Carol

  20. Tricia

    Beautiful work, a God given talent.

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