TARDIS Bathroom

TARDIS Bathroom

Creative outdoor bathroom designed to look like TARDIS police box / time machine from the Doctor Who science fiction television show.

TARDIS bathroom is equipped with a toilet, mirror, and a sink. It can also turn into a spacecraft at any moment.

Located at the Warmley Waiting Room cafe / tea garden in England.

Doctor Who Bathroom

TARDIS Outdoor Bathroom

Police Box Bathroom

Justin Hoggans

Doctor Who TARDIS Bathroom

Justin Hoggans TARDIS Bathroom

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  1. Silvia

    Cool! Looks a bit cramped on the inside, though…

  2. Gert

    But… it’s not bigger on the inside…

  3. nanobelle

    A Turdis! :) This is the nicest and most skillful version I’ve seen. Very envious!

  4. meg

    The first time my young son saw the tardis, he questioned his father, “Why is that man flying around space in a port-a-potty?” I see his question has become reality.

  5. Lisa

    All that’s missing is a Dalek with his plunger.

  6. David

    Hah! It’s brilliant, but I’ll have also idea, to make a TARDIS’s shower in my bath. ;D

  7. Jeff

    This is just what my house needs, a 2nd Bathroom and a Tardis, I forsee a project in the new year!

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