15 Unusual and Creative Doorstops

15 Unusual and Creative Doorstops

Modern door stoppers and creative doorstop designs that will hold your door open or closed in style.

Swiss Cheese Doorstop

Sadly, this piece of cheese is not meant to be eaten. It will just sit there holding open your door, making you hungry. [buy]

Swiss Cheese Doorstop

Wizard Of Oz Doorstop

Creative doorstop looks just like the Wicked Witch of the East did when Dorothy’s house landed on her. [buy]

Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Doorstop

Banana Doorstop

The oldest joke is now the funniest doorstop. Clever silicon banana firmly holds doors open or shut.

Banana Doorstop

Key Doorstop

Use a key to open your door and use a key doorstop to keep it open.

Key Doorstop

Stop Doorstop

Chunky doorstop in the classic super hero comic book style. Working hard day and night to keep your entrances wide open and your home free from slamming doors!

Stop Doorstop

Elephant Trunk Doorstop

Unusual elephant trunk doorstops from Japan will hold your door and make anyone’s day brighter.

Elephant Trunk Doorstop

Cross Doorstop

This creative door stopper cross will hook on the door after use.

Cross Doorstop

Wedge Racer Doorstop

Unusual wooden doorstop car designed by Gitta Gschwendtner.

Wedge Racer Doorstop

Dachshund Doorstop

Created to wedge snugly under a door, it has foam dots on the bottom to keep it in place and protect your floor.

Dachshund Doorstop

Mr P Doorstop

While taking a nap, Mr P has become a very useful but unfortunate rubberized doorstop.

Mr P Doorstop

Paint Tube Doorstop

Cool little tube-shaped doorstop holds doors firmly in place.

Paint Tube Doorstop

Gold Doorstop

Designed by Arik Levy, this doorstop shows complete carelessness with money.

Gold Doorstop

Foot In The Door Doorstop

Wedge the toe of one of these rubberized stilettos under your door – the fun and practical way to keep your door open.

Foot In The Door Doorstop

James the Doorman

James is the perfect gentleman and will hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under it.

James the Doorman Doorstop

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  1. Bluegrass Print

    i want mr. p!

  2. Adrienne

    Fantastic! I love the OZ one. and the paint.

  3. Manish Ahuja

    I really like some ideas like the tubes, keys, James etc.

  4. Megan

    James the doorman is the most creative and lol at the money. :)

  5. Smart Boy Designs

    My favorite definately had to be the Wicked Witch doorstop. How genius! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. mostafa

    good idea! the doorman!

  7. niol

    are these in production

  8. moburkhardt

    what about the was of cash you showed in the top image where can i buy that?

  9. tech-mad

    yes some of them are, at least. i’ve seen the banana peel and the slab of cheese ones in stores before.

  10. albert

    where is it possible to find the dollar pack one?
    somebody knows?

  11. Steve

    Interesting & cool

  12. kiz

    the Oz one is amazing!!!!

  13. Vikonov

    The first photo in the article shows a bundle of dollars acting as doorstep – where is the link for that? You could also search etsy for creative hand-made doorstops?

  14. jim

    You might be able to find the dollar pack one in you wallet…

  15. Brock

    James gets my vote. Oz one is funny.

  16. Kikishua

    I have the Swiss Cheese one!

  17. Karin L Stewart

    What FUN! I want one of each!

  18. albert

    Jim-> in my wallet only EURO lol!!

  19. janani

    hi there, i love the James the doorman!!!! :):):):D:D

  20. javad pourhosaini

    best idea is the doorman

  21. lollipop

    hahaha!!! i like the money doorstop!!

  22. ChEeSe

    love the swiss cheese doorstop!! p.s i LOVE ChEeSe!!

  23. linda norton

    how can i purchase these doorstops please

  24. angel

    my teacher mrs.boynes has the oz one

  25. Julius

    What if we wanted the little guy doorstop but built in a different way? Example would be the guy doorstop would have his hands under the door so he looks like he’s trying to lift the door but made the doorstop bigger. Would you guys be able to make an order for my company of this doorstop?

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