10 Unusual and Creative Doors

10 Unusual and Creative Doors

Collection of modern doors and creative door designs that will spice up your home and surprise your guests.

Sliding Glass Door

Beautiful sliding glass door will look great in any home or office.

Sliding Glass Door

Staircase Hidden Door

Always remember that a thief can’t burglarize a room he can’t find.

Staircase Hidden Door

Chalkboard Door

Magnetic chalkboard doors are prefect for families on the go. Children can create original works of art directly on the door itself and parents will like it as a place to post grocery and to-do lists.

Chalkboard Door

Two Way Door

Innovative ERGON door mounting system allows the door to be opened in both directions. [more]

Two Way Door

Futuristic Door

Maxdoor front door by Nódesign requires remote control instead of a key for door locks and comes with an LED display that shows apartment numbers directly on the door.

Futuristic Door

Ping Pong Door

Designed by Tobias Fränzel, this cool door turns into a ping pong table when needed. [more]

Ping Pong Door

Light + Air Door

The series of holes in the door can be opened and closed by sliding the knob that adjusts the amount of light and air that gets in the room.

Light and Air Door

Shattering Door

Amazing door design by Leandro Erlich from Argentina. [more]

Shattering Door

Moving Walls Door

Contemporary moving wall / door design by Lotty Lindeman.

Moving Walls Door

Walls In Motion

3 in 1 Door

UK design group Slam has designed the world’s first 3-in-1 door.

3 in 1 Door

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  1. Malkieve

    Wow… Just wow.

    I wouldn’t mind the staircase door. That’ll be so cool haha :)

  2. hey peeps

    malkieve true dat true dat!

  3. Simplicity??

    A remote control door with LED numbers seems over-designed, and doesn’t provide a solution to any problems. Why can’t a door simply be a door?

    On the other hand, he 3-in-1 Door is whimsical and also has some utility. Great design.

  4. Megan

    Love the 3 in 1 door, both kids and adults can have their own door.

  5. Karin Stewart

    Some absolutely fantastic creativity!

  6. Paul Sample

    Light + Air door and 3 in 1 door are the best!!!!

  7. Dave Sparks

    Awesome, I wonder if my girlfriend would mind me replacing the doors in our flat without asking

  8. geeta

    how is any one suppose to pass through the ping pong door?

  9. ahmed farouk

    wow the shuttering is very wonderful

  10. D

    The Moving Walls Door Reminds me of some things of the game Portal…

  11. Makismo

    Staircase Door and the Chalkboard door are so the best! Light and air door could be used for something coporate or whatever. And the Moving wall door, remind anyone of the game Portal?

  12. Mondo Print

    Awesome. Love the staircase.

  13. sasha

    i love the design and ideas of making the 3 in 1 door. it suits everyone needs. besides, small child can open up the door themselve and makes no trouble to all. =) love the door

  14. mostafa

    cool 3 in 1 Door!

  15. hamed

    veri good woooow.

  16. Reilly

    Some are pretty stupid. The staircase one is ugly.

  17. Bean

    The hidden staircase is a freaking brilliant idea. LOVE IT.

  18. raads

    the ping pong one is the best

    but the Moving Walls Door takes too much effort and in the end is pointless

    love the 3 in 1 door too

  19. harley

    cool but some r a tad craazzyy

  20. Interested Party

    2 of the concepts are recycled versions of older models. The light & air door is similar to a window in the door of my parent’s house that was built in the late 50’s early 60’s. You could slide it open to see who was at the door or to let in light/air.

    The three in one door resembles the pocket windows from the early 1800’s. The door/window could be opened to allow foot traffic or in 3 increments. An example can be found on the Earle Harrison House (Historic Waco Foundation) in Waco, TX.

  21. Turtle

    I like the ping pong door the best. Then probably the chalkboard door or the staircase door. It seems to me like carrying a remote control around in your pocket would be less practical than keys. Wall door seems a bit overeccesive.

  22. Kyle Webs

    The hidden room one is awesome

  23. utarinda

    Staircase Hidden Doors i love it for my future pricate room :)

    3 in one doors really helps for kids

  24. DP

    Love the ping pong door. Brilliant!

  25. audone

    Staircase one is like what was on the Munster’s!

  26. stephanie


  27. Lucinda

    LOVE the ping pong door!

  28. jj

    Has anyone ever thought of a ZIPPER door??? My friend thought of it since she just adores sewing…I just think it’s so creative. Anyways, I love the ping pong door. The air door wouldn’t be bad and a secret door just seems so cool.

  29. Naye

    The Staircase Hidden door is a great idea & if it lockd frm the othr side tht wld b great jus n case u ddnt want 2 b bothered or there were intruders n ur home & u cld get to tht rm very fast…its very panic room esque. The Shattering Door is awesome bcuz it looks like The Hulk tryd 2 break into ur house…i wld sooooo hav tht door n my home.& i really like the 3 in 1 door for the little ppl n our lives tht cant reach an adult height doorknob.

  30. HannahJet

    love the light + air door for some reason

  31. Richard Jones

    Would love to see a two way glass stule bedroom door …. so you can see put of your bedrrom door but not into the bedroom.

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