Created Equal

Created Equal

Black and white portraits of different people captured by talented American photographer Mark Laita.

Series of portraits reminds us that people were all created equal. Then, our environment and circumstances shaped us into whom we have become.

Company President / Janitor

Created Equal Photo Book

Fitness Model / Heart Surgery Patient

Created Equal Photography

College Graduate / High School Dropout

Created Equal Photo Series by Mark Laita

Showgirl / Librarian

Black and White Portraits

Barber / Hairdresser

Mark Laita

Baptist Minister / Ku Klux Klan

Created Equal Portraits

Astronaut / Alien Abductee

Created Equal Art Project

Vegetarian / Butcher

Created Equal Photo Book by Mark Laita

Bank Robber / Deputies

Created Equal Project by Mark Laita

Mariachis / Elvis Impersonators

Created Equal Portraits by Mark Laita

Baptist Churchgoer / White Supremacist

Created Equal Book

Motorcycle Gang / Altar Boys

Created Equal Series by Mark Laita

Young Boxer / Retired Boxer

Created Equal Book by Mark Laita

Marine / War Veteran

Created Equal Art Project by Mark Laita

Homeless Man / Real Estate Developer

Created Equal Project

Police Officer / Gang Member

Black and White Portrait

Newlyweds / Married Couple

Photography by Mark Laita

Southerner / Hasidic Jew

Black and White Photography

Marine Drill Sergeant / Surfer

Created Equal Photo Series

Gang Member / Mafioso

Created Equal Series

Rock Musician / Bull Rider

Beautiful Portraits

Ballerina / Boxer

Created Equal Photos

Office Worker / Carney

Black and White Photos

Lingerie Model / Woman in Girdle

Created Equal by Mark Laita

CEO / Messenger

Created Equal Photography by Mark Laita

Bodybuilder / Amish Farmer

Created Equal Photos by Mark Laita

Ballerina / Trucker

Photographer Mark Laita

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  1. John Anderson

    Brilliant portraits. Inspiring!

  2. Betty

    Hmmm…The black and white photography is wonderful, just not sure why? It takes all kinds, this is true. What is the reasoning behind these juxtaposition? Why the stereo typical? Are these people actually what it says they are or actors and models?

  3. ?

    I don’t get it…

  4. Bob

    Its called photography, art, you look at it and it does things to you or doesn’t, again its art.

  5. Austin

    I honestly wouldn’t have known what this project even was about if it hadn’t been explained.

  6. Xcallibur

    Only a few make sense

  7. @

    I thought it made sense. It really did make me realize that we all are, biologically, the same. And yet we all live in a world of differences.

  8. nanobelle

    The comprehension of dignity. This shoot is a modern documentation on par with Edward Curtis and Annie Leibowitz. Our story is a strange one…are we cliches or dreams realized? Is this what we’d hoped for as children or are we victims of social casting? Everyone is a story and these photographs are allegorical tributes indeed.

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