United Steaks of America

United Steaks of America

Cool photo series by Dominic Episcopo, one of Philadelphia’s most talented photographers, features a number of American states made out of raw meat.


Texas Steak

New Jersey

New Jersey Steak


California Steak


Delaware Steak


Florida Steak


Pennsylvania Steak

United States of America

United Steaks

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  1. carlos

    Gives a whole new meaning to ordering “Surf and Turf”…..

  2. KitsuneCC

    and the message is? =0

  3. Social Wonders

    Nice one

    it is very creative idea

  4. Edward

    Great, let’s start making art out of murder! These animals lives are worth nothing really are they?
    How would you feel if this was human flesh, or maybe dog/cat flesh?
    Cows/pigs/chickens/etc are no different and deserve equal respect and protection in the eyes of the law.
    Cows can feel pain, emotions, depression, etc just the same as us, so why do we have the right not to be hurt and incarcerated and they don’t? What makes us so special? If it is our ability to “think” then babies and mentally handicapped adults should have no rights either. Why the discrepancy?
    If we are so smart, and can make choices, why not make the morally correct choice to respect each and every sentient creature regardless of their species?
    Why treat some species, like dogs and cats like part of our family, and others like mere objects to be tested on, abused and eaten?
    I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, I am alive and well. So if meat was necessary for good health and survival I’d be long dead.
    That means that people eat meat purely to satisfy their taste buds – is taste a good enough reason to put millions of animals through the pain and suffering they go through?

  5. Karin Stewart

    I love the creativity but what about time for the other states that were left out!

  6. lito

    Well maybe it’s because united states of america treat their cows like it’s some sort of object, turned into a gold mine when it has killed our environment enough ! Have you seen ANY footage on some meat producers in the US ???

  7. Alan

    Thank you Edward. My sentiments exactly.

  8. albert

    I love raising, killing, cooking and then eating all sorts of animals. To be honest, if there werent taboos on this sort of thing, I wouldnt mind trying cat or dog or anyother type of animal. Not humans of course. Thats illegal….for now.

  9. Frank

    For all of you who dont know, eating meat was a vital part in the evolultion of the human race. Eating nothing but roots, vegatable, and grasses is great, but unfortunately it uses up more of the bodys energy in order to digest it. Eating meat, however uses less energy. Not only that, but eating cooked meat uses EVEN less energy and kills off most harmfull bacteria that may be present. Therefore when our early human ancestors began eating cooked meat, they were using less energy digesting food, and less energy fighting off bacteria. Since less energy was being wasted on those bodily functions that were once essential, the body could now focus all that energy on other parts i.e. the brain. The point being, that the argument is not whether or not we could survive on vegtables alone, or that we treat our cattle like crap, the real issue is that without the consumption of meat, we would not be as we are today.

    ps. Studies have shown that vegetarians have overall less energy and a lower sexual appetite. ha.

  10. lily

    hey albert, hope you read this,because i was watching food detectives and they did try cats aand stuff and they said it tasted like chicken!

  11. lily

    yay my states up there!

  12. mike

    This has so little to do with being tough or healthy. In fact, one could argue that creating recognizable shapes out of dead flesh further exemplifies the sick desire to demonstrate human “toughness” and domination over animals.

    If a desire to treat other living beings with the same respect you might treat another person is being tough… well, you have interesting philosophies.

    But don’t pay any attention to the pain of other sentient beings, I’m sure those cows were really hoping that their dead carcasses were carved into the shapes of states as they were being beaten, cut open and left to hang while they bled to death.

  13. Morty

    LOL at pansy vegetarians who get their lace panties in a knot over something silly like this.

    And the photographer should have no credit for this unless he was the one who cut the steaks – the butcher’s the true artist here!

  14. allison

    I would be willing to agree that maybe meat HAS evolved us to who we are now.. but we don’t NEED it anymore. we can get our protein and nutrients from MANY other places. We HAVE evolved, so in that vein, why haven’t we evolved to the point of mistreating or torturing animals for food that we no longer need, but “tastes good”?

    oh and BTW, ever since I went vegan I have MORE energy and a voracious sexual appetite that I didn’t have when I ate meat.

  15. 1drama

    meat is murder

    tasty tasty murder…

    p.s. If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made of meat?

  16. Srsly

    Man, I hate militant vegetarians…


    A non-militant vegetarian

  17. pete

    @edward we cant eat babies and retards because they dont taste as good as cows… and i doubt this cow was butchered simply to take 5 photos.

  18. Max

    Making the United States out of meat? What are you meat-a-tarians going to think of next? Nuggets in the shape of ovals, boneless chicken wings in the shape of chicken wings or fish in the form of sticks? I swear I just don’t understand how anyone can justify eating meat. If you like meat so much, perhaps you should start eating babies, they should be plenty tender enough for your cold hearts.

  19. Will

    Well, I’d rather have my body used for art then eaten. But really raising animals for meat is a waste of energy. Grain used to feed them has about 10 times more potential energy then we get out of the end result. Still creative idea.

  20. Bacon

    “is taste a good enough reason to put millions of animals through the pain and suffering they go through?”

    Simple put….


  21. Andrew

    Those are some great looking steaks!

    Now all you need is each country made in their respective local meats.

    Also you “meat is murder” idiots are a lark.

    Grow up.

  22. Stpdvgtrn

    “How would you feel if this was human flesh, or maybe dog/cat flesh?”

    Art + human flesh = Body Worlds, and it’s actually very interesting.

    “Great, let’s start making art out of murder!”

    I think most people would argue that the culinary arts are art, so it’s been art for awhile.

    Smug vegetarian dumbass.

  23. Badguy


    cmon now, lets be realistic.
    do you honestly think a cow gives a SHIT?

    all he wants is food.. I dont know how much time you have spent with cows? but.. food is the only thing they care about.

    its alot like a dog..
    next time you get something that smells good in your hand, go close to the dog, in fact.. feed the dog some cow! while its still bleeding!

    when will we criticize the animals that eat other animals?
    I dont see peta freaking out on the sharks, or the bears or the tigers or lions.. or anything that eats another animal.

    and howcome you dont feel this way about plants?
    plants are people too!

    I mean, cmon they clearly feel pain too see how they wilt?

    I think that vegetarians should not be allowed to eat plants either, in fact the only thing they should eat is .. each other.

  24. Badguy

    Hey Max,
    that is not a bad Idea!

    I mean, we eat baby lambs, and baby cows too!
    all to get that PERFECT flavor.

    I bet you are right, I bet human babies taste just like chicken!

    Lets do it! I will back you up, I will cook the first baby.


    so next time you think of something so stupid?
    perhaps lets be at least semi intelligent enough to select a sub species that is not our own.

    if it is green cut it down, if it shits? shoot it.

    I will imagine your house is full of products from other countries, that people built to sell to buy MEAT to eat.

    So I guess you are a staunch supporter of such foods.
    else you would not own all those products and you would instead not have a computer or internet and be living in a cave, like your ancestors.. back when they learned how to cook meat. to give them more energy, to survive against larger meaner predators.

    think of it this way, 100,000 years ago? there were other humanoids, but they are gone now.
    your ancestors ate them.

    you guys just dont think very long or hard about how we got here, and what it means to be a human.

    yet its all good for you to go down to the store and throw your hard earned money at supporting it.
    bitching the whole time.

    not stopping to realize the impact your company has..
    you know.. the one that signs your cheques.

  25. om nom nom nom

    BRB I have to go finish cooking the steaks on the grill.

  26. seth

    …steal from other humans, rape other humans, beat other humans, murder other humans. humans let other humans starve because they don’t care. THESE are issues. you’re pissed because someone cut up some cows into shapes? really? lets see where your priorities weigh. let’s say your a god. and you can cure starvation by mercilessly murdering enough cows, pigs and chickens to feed everyone. would you help the humans or the cows?

  27. paul

    go vegan. thx.

  28. To all the meat haters

    Listen meat haters, for years, and years, and years before your blubbering comments were plastered on this page, or even before people got bored and made meat states, humans have been eating meat (get over it).
    Now, with that said since the beginning of humans, we have had to kill animals for meat and other useful things such as clothes, water sacks, etc.. and we also gathered fruits and vegetables. So the way that I look at this is, if you feel bad for the chickens and cows and don’t want to eat the meat great, however keep your ridiculous ideals to yourself. Just because you are gonna stop eating meat doesn’t mean that the world is gonna stop killing animals for the meat. So instead of bitching and whining about the animals (which by the way I love and work with on a daily basis) just eat the meat and stop wasting it. Your actually letting their death be unjustified, as for the rest of us we are giving it a cause.

    Now before I end this do not get me wrong, I am all for a humane way to kill animals and all that but seriously getting upset over people making states out of meat would be like someone getting mad that my mashed potatoes looked like the leaning tower of pizza.

  29. bingots

    Reading this thread has made my day, I actually laughed out loud.

  30. Max


    Clearly my sarcasm wasn’t obvious enough. I had hoped by pointing out things like fish sticks being the next iteration of the United Steaks it would be obvious I was using /sarcasm/. And the baby comment was making fun of Frank, who first went batshit crazy about meat-shapes and brought up the subject.

  31. John

    I don’t know why the vegotards think I need to justify eating meat. I eat meat because it’s GOOD. I eat meat because I ENJOY it. I eat meat because cows have no other purpose than milk and meat, and chickens are just rats with wings. They exist to provide me with tasty, tasty sustenance, that’s it. So take your pseudo-superiority and shove it up your twig and tofu clogged ass. Nobody gives a sh*t what you believe, or who you think you’re impressing. Feel free to choke on a veggieburger.

  32. this is the lulz

    “if it is green cut it down, if it shits? shoot it.”

    hey wow u vegetarians have taught me much this is my new philosophy!

    all lulz aside

    should we shoot lions and kill their self esteem for eating deers? they don’t even kill it humanely! They just kind of jump on it and start chewin on it! oh the horror!

    and can u all get over the fact that our APPENDIX DON’T WORK ANYMORE! It’s something passed through evolution, sooo eating vegetables would be a devolution

    btw i heard the sun has the highest source of energy not the grain! soak some of that up!

  33. EatinMeat

    For every animal a vegetarian doesn’t eat, I’m eating three. Just doing my part.

  34. Justin

    Y do people have to make such a big deal over the killing of cows. Steak is amazing and you are taking away from the the talented work of the guy who cut these. Go hug a tree or something and leave the rest of us alone. And plants are living too so if you want to be technical about things; then you are still killing organisms to eat.

  35. Not a Stupid Vegetetarian

    I kill cows for fun, and by fun I mean eating.

  36. MadMonk

    John is my hero.

    All the bitching, moaning and gnashing of the veg-head’s likely cow-like teeth have made me hungry. I think I’m going to go buy some steaks for dinner tonight just because of their wailing. Thanks to all the militant vegetarians out there that equate humans with other animals. I owe tonight’s dinner idea all to you. It will amuse me greatly to imagine you crying your eyes out while I consume the cow’s tasty grilled flesh.

  37. MarkHawk

    I doubt the meat was wasted. The cuts are to clean to be amateur. I’d bet the rest of the meat was used in some fashion. It’s slightly disturbing to see people play with there food but if it keeps spirits up then what is the harm?

    Also The Art Institute of Phoenix has a Culinary Arts program. They make art out of meat, vegetables, and even pills if you wanted. Plus you’d still be able to eat it.

  38. DittoMuch

    I have an easier time with the militant vegetarians than with the hypocrite carnivores. To me its hypocritical to eat the flesh of an animal you wouldn’t take the life of. I grew up a farm boy and I have taken the life of animals its part of the business. If nothing else the militant vegetarians out there are honest they don’t appreciate the taking of an animals life for the sake of food. I know many people who eat meat and are grossed out by the concept of cleaning a carcass let alone butchering or killing an animal.

    But how about a reasonable sensible middle ground. Meat 4 times a week and veggies for the rest. Vegetarians don’t have to change but us meat eaters would do ourselves and humanity well to reduce our consumption. To the true militant vegetarians… well your probably right but nothing looses an argument faster than overstating or overstepping your point. Convince people to reduce and you stand a chance, tell them they must stop now and that they are ethically worthless and they will likely go home and order chicken wings.

  39. Man O Man

    I love listening to people justify eating meat. The same way they justify alcoholism and drug abuse.

    I eat meat. I could choose to do otherwise, and would probably have much healthier arteries and bowels if I chose to do so. But I don’t choose to do so.
    Despite all the facts and figures about why it’s bad to eat meat, I choose to ignore them.
    At the same time, I do choose some vegetarian options, in spite of all the facts that say it’ll make me gassy, which I also ignore.

    The facts are, any food you buy at a grocery store has a negative environmental impact. Almost every food you buy at a grocery store has a negative health impact.

    I make choices to subvert some of that inevitability, but I recognize the odds are stacked against me.

  40. Ryan

    WOW. This is supposed to be art and all the vegetarians are bitching about cruelty to animals and what not. STFU!! Animals don’t have brains big enough to know whats going on! Then they are killed quickly so there is no suffering! Meat is good!

  41. PR

    Why do you veggies keep doing this? Is this how your going to convince the world that eating meat is wrong? By commenting on pieces of meat shaped like states? Congratulations.

    Cattle (and other farm animals) exist in such vast numbers for the sole purpose of being made into meat, dairy and other products. That’s the way it’s been for thousands of years. Humans domesticated them not to be pets but food.

    Stop with your holier than thou bullcrap. If you don’t want to eat meat, fine. Your choice. Others want to eat meat? Their choice. Get over it.

  42. sittinandsurfin

    had a great rest reading all the different opinions. opinions, respect each and every one. don’t have to like or agree or even disagree, because…. they are all opinions or thought and that’s it. heck we live in the good ol’ usa. yes we have evolved. eat whatever ya want, hell some people eat dirt, hey it tastes great. Laughed really hard today and this was supposed to be an educational website. LOL

  43. Lindsey

    Where is OHIO! :(

  44. Laughing My Ass Off

    Seriously… this is hilarious.

    Props to all of you.. I had to catch my breath I was laughing so hard.


  45. sheila

    sooo im reading all these mixed reviews about this shapped meat. how bout everyone just eat what they eat and get over it. most of the states depend on eating meat the other part of the states dont. so what! the world if full of different likes and dislikes. if this person wants to take time and play with his food so be it! hes not gonna listen to a bunch of vegans! just like you vegans he has an opinion so get the hell over it! :]

  46. Caramelzappa


    The simple answer to your question, is of course yes.

    Longer answer:
    We ARE animals. Omnivores. We have sharp teeth specifically designed for tearing up meat. Is it wrong when a cheetah eats a gazelle? You may choose to give up meat, so good for you. But don’t look at disgust to others for being what they are, animals. Smart animals, but animals none the less.

  47. hey

    no matter what you vegans say or do, your never gonna be able to take away my right to eat meat. maybe you should start using your energy to push some laws that regulate HOW cows are killed. Because they are gonna get killed regardless. im cooking steak on the grill right now. haha

  48. Only mildly interested

    First, Smiths-fans, try looking up the definition of murder before you start throwing words around you clearly don’t understand.
    Second, for all the unhinged vegans out there (I know you can’t all be crackpots), a newborn with a similarly misguided mother died just last year because of its meatless diet. Humans require a certain amount of animal protein to survive, at least early on.

  49. smiley

    Id like to see a vegan make the united states out of their tofu!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

  50. Oz

    Thank God for MEAT! Nothing like a juicy medium rare tenderloin. By the by…I think they should make washington out of the cow’s tounge. :)

  51. Frank III

    I think it is funny that the vegetarians actually are jealous of the meat eaters. Why else would they have veggie hamburgers, veggie bacon, veggie chicken nuggets, …

    I guess they just get so tired from eating grass.

    I eat meat, but I also hunt and eat what I kill.

    I am man, I am human and I am doing what we are supposed to be doing.

  52. Noobs

    Those look really nice and i bet they taste even better :)

  53. Hungry all of a sudden

    I know this isnt gunna solve anything, but i just wanted to put in my view. Meat is the shit. Vegetables are the shit. You know what else is the shit. Meat and vegatables. Think about thanksgivings. Obviously the main deal there would be the turkey. Thanksgiving would not be thanksgiving without turkey. However, thanksgiving would not be thanksgiving without the sweet buttery corn, or the whipped mashed potatoes, or even the green bean casorole. Why cant we be like thanksgiving? Cant we all just get along, on the ceramic plate we call life?

  54. Man O Man

    @smiley Veggies did something better–Weird Al’s head out of tofu on UHF, man.

    Cut-out shapes of states? Completely lame.

  55. Alex

    animals eat other animals….its this crazy thing called NATURE. i dont see any vegetarians complaining about lions eating gazelles. why dont carnivores stop eating other animals since they are so smart edward? riddle me that. and i can justify eating meat very very very very easily….its tasty. yeah…weird…this thing called pleasure. and if doing something for pleasure when it harms others is so bad, why aint yall out helping save the world everyday? boom done

  56. Cathy

    You people are absolutely ridiculous! This has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with murder or anyone’s silly beliefs about being a vegetarian! You people are worse that religious preachers sometimes! I like meat, you don’t, you think it’s murder, I call it survival.

    For real I think it’s time you all put your energy into something other than just sitting around on your computers calling people murderers. Go plant a tree or clean up the ocean or something. Do something good for the animals that we are not consuming!!!

    Be creative like this guy was.

  57. John

    If we weren’t supposed to eat animals, then why are they so delicious??

  58. delere

    “Technically we all feed on death. Even vegetarians.”
    – Spock

    Ok, I know that adds little to this debate, but being an old Star Trek nerd I had to say it just to get it out of my head.

    Militant vegetarians are a drag as are militant anything (carnivores, fundies, aerobics instructors,…). It’s all about needing something to feel so right about you can point to those that don’t agree an dehumanize them and making them “the other” to fight or put down to feel superior. My point is you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Education, not name calling spawned of group mentalities, will win the war if not all the battles.

    But I digress. In reference to the artwork above I find it an interesting if not rather mundane way of making the presumed statement that we in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. have to mold everything into a commodity to sell and that this mentality has gotten us into quite a mess yet we (in general) can’t seem to accept that our traditional practices may have been short sighted to say the least. Ok.

    I for one am tired of all the “I’m right, your wrong” or “I don’t know the solution so I’ll do nothing but gripe” standard water cooler banter and agree with Yoda (yes I know he is a fictional character too) when he said, “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.” So be kind, engage in spirited but respectful debate, and set a good example.

  59. rach

    This is awesome! Very creative, and made me hungry.

    Btw, all PETA stands for is People Eating Tasty Animals.


    Yours sincerely,

    The Daughter of a Butcher

  60. patrick

    You veggie people make it sound like a cow suffers when it is being processed.

    Let’s try this:
    I’m willing to shoot any one of you in the base of your head with a steel road shot out at 200psi from an air cannon. Then, I want you to tell me if you feel anything, ever again.

    Any takers? No? Yea I didn’t think so. They don’t feel squat, get over it.

    -Your friendly neighborhood meat cutter.

  61. astrogut

    What a masterpiece !!

  62. peter

    Here is a good video on meat production: http://meat.org

  63. Ezekiel

    @Edward: As for eating human flesh? Look up “Long Pig” for me, would you? Thank you, bubbala. Bye.

  64. Wow

    So much ignorance in this thread! XD

  65. vegetarians- consider

    sooo… do you realize that the combines used to collect your grains and such kill millions of small animals (rabbits, groundhogs, etc) with their ruthlessly spinning blades?

    you wanna be a true vegan/vegetarian, grow your own damn food and dont ever go to the grocery store (and pls quit bitching).

    plus- i highly recommend penn & teller’s show, bullshit. watch the organic one- there are special people who are “absolutely sure” that one half of a banana is organic, and one is not. lol!! same banana. der der.

  66. Meat lover

    I love killing animals, to eat and sometimes just for fun… There’s nothing like hearing a baby cow squeal before I insert I knife into it’s mouth.

  67. another meat lover

    haha the vegetarian comments.. they made me laugh.

  68. Wow...

    Have the vegetarians here not heard that animals die so that others can eat them. I would never guess that any animal that is being killed for food, be it from humans or not, feels very good. It’s not supposed.

    You miss the whole point in food. Certain species sustain themselves through eating other animals. Hell, I feed my pets meat and they’re animals. It’s could a food chain. Don’t get all freaked out because you refuse to eat meat.

    Don’t eat meat because of the health effects of the mass produced meat that the majority consume. That’s fine. That makes more sense than trying to get people to stop eating meat because of an animals’ feelings. These are personal choices and whining about it will get you no where.

  69. Ivan T.

    You know what I hate, when those damn vegans murder vegetables and fruit by carving it into art. I don’t want to SEE A watermelon in the shape of a hippo, or other fruits as other zoological animals. When I eat fruits and vegetables, I want them to be shaped in the way god made them; and the same goes for my meat, I want it cooked to rare perfection with the blood still oozing out to let me know I’m a human and not a sheep. Fruit ART is murder; killing cows, chickens, pigs, etc is not murder, it’s the costs of war. I’ve said this for years but it’s us against them. If we don’t kill and eat the animals then they will eat us, now maybe you crazy vegetarians and vegans might be ok with being eaten by a cow. But I am not.

  70. chris

    Pennsylvania looks the tastiest!

  71. Innie

    the lack of meat’s making the vegetarians upset and bitter? oh poor babies… go eat some and enjoy a juicy steak, you’ll be full probably be less bitter. it’s not the meat eater’s fault you’re deprived. Enjoy!!! ;) Go Texas!!!

  72. perry


  73. Some NJ guy

    Wow. Chill out people. That vegetarian diet is making you all a bit… cranky. I know when I get cranky, there’s nothing like a nice juicy medium-rare cheeseburger.

    I may die sooner, but I’ll die HAPPIER! :p

  74. Joe

    Makes me hungry. For every steal the vegetarians pass on I’ll eat 10 more. Yumm!!

  75. Filled up on salad

    Cows emit noxious gas = Global warming
    Plants eat noxious gas = Fresh air

    Quite killing our planet and eat a steak you freaks.

  76. State Shaped Cow

    Oh, I get it, lets treat the cows like people, and worship them like in India, so we can all starve to death just like them!!!


    BTW, They started out with State shaped Cows, just carved off the skin!!!

  77. Fil

    Silly vegans why argue your not helping by crying over spilled meat. “I didnt claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables”

  78. puzzled

    Funny that those who scream the loudest about killing an animal for food are also the ones who scream the loudest in support of a woman’s right to choose abortion – the killing of an unborn child.

  79. Eric Mesa

    To quote pulp fiction:

    Vincent: Yeah, but bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good.

  80. Jack Jackson

    Vegetarians getting upset over this are crazy. First of all, animals eat other animals, it’s the way of the world. Humans are animals, and as such, should be judged no differently. I gotta eat something, and beans and broccoli just don’t do it for me.

    Second off, the animal is already dead. Does it REALLY matter what shape you cut the meat into before you grill it? It all tastes the same in the end. Why stop with the USA and states? I want a steak shaped like a pirate ship. Someone make this happen. Please :)

    Third off, for all you vegans shouting for animals to be respected. Why stop at animals? Plants are alive, do they not deserve equal respect? Why is it ok to eat them, but not animals? What about fungi? And bacteria? Does that disease you caught snorting a line off a hooker’s ass not have the same right to life as that oh so tasty cow?

    What gives us humans the right to dictate this? Simple answer is: Because we can.

  81. Shawn Kosley

    Okay, all of you veggians screaming and weeping over the “murder” of cows… STOP USING ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP!!! You are cruelly destroying millions of precious bacteria that deserve to live!!

  82. Jeremy

    Mmmm. Yum. I wonder how well the shape would hold up when it’s cooked.

    @all the militant vegetarians. The majority of the complaints are about the conditions of the US meatpacking and food-raising industry and not against eating meat in general. I agree, there’s definitely some inhumane practices going on, and I try to eat organic and free-range meat and things like that. But then, I’m also a member of PETA: people for the eating of tasty animals.

  83. Keira

    In response to Edward:

    “I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, I am alive and well”

    You’re alive, yes, but it’s debatable whether you’re well.

    I think George Orwell said it best when he wrote “Four legs good, two legs bad”

  84. Erin

    Man… I love animals, especially with gravy.

  85. JoeCool

    Edward, do you know why God gave you the four canine teeth in your mouth ? it wasn’t for chewing veggies lib.

    Can I make a meaty carrot ? Meat in the shape of a carrot….similar to what you guys do with a veggie burger…veggies in the shape of a tasty burger.

  86. DanielS

    I don’t care if you like meat or not, I personally am making me a united steak TONIGHT! Awesome Post Thanks for the great idea!!!

  87. Sarah

    It seems ridiculous that you’re getting so hyped up over this veggies, if they photographer hadn’t used it for art, do you think that would have stopped the animal from being killed? It would have still ended up on someones plate, it being in our nature to hunt and eat animals and all. In fact maybe the artist is doing something in your favor here, maybe part of the message is that we seem to consider animal lives so disposable. It certainly got this discussion going.

  88. Cray

    Florida looks like a gun!?

  89. Graydian

    yes, meat is murder. tasty, tasty murder. also i was thinking that too cray.

  90. Carbon

    e a a n
    o t s i
    p i t m
    l n y a
    e g l

    Seriously though I watched the video on meat.org .. i could go around showing me and a bunch of my friends throwing rocks on a pile of carrots too if i wanted.

    EVERYTHING has energy be it vegetables or animals. If it grows it’s alive. Next time your going out to hug your favorite tree think about the grass your stepping on. That is the equivalent to us walking on top of hundreds of dead animal bodies yet you don’t see us doing that do you? wheres the cruelty now?

    Vegans eat raw vegetables all the time. If everything has an energy (it grows therefor its living) that means its alive and you vegans are eating LIVING food.

    At least us carnivores have the decency to kill that which we are eating.

    Sounds pretty rediculous doesn’t it? Well so does the idea of not eating meat. There is a reason our teeth are shaped how they are. Carnivores have pointed teeth in the front for ripping flesh off the bone. If we weren’t meant to eat meat then why did “God” give us the tools to do such a thing?

    Pull the carrot out of your rear because nobody really cares what your thinking. PETA followers and vegans are turning into the mormons we all love to mess with when they go preaching door to door.

    Someone Should show steaks shaped into 4 letters. PETA

    my 2 cents.

  91. toothpaste

    Wow, that’s really cool.

    @ Edward and other militant vegetarians out there – Thanks for your post. Today, I’m going to eat twice as much meat as I normally do just to prove that you are accomplishing nothing.

  92. nomnom

    @ Edward

    Cows don’t know if the are full or not, they can die by eating to much. You expect them to feel depresion and have emotions then?

  93. Chelsea

    Awesome! Nothing I love more than America and a great steak.

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