Meat Art

Meat Art

Unique photo series by Philadelphia based artist Dominic Episcopo features delicious looking creations made out of fresh meat.

“Meat America” project celebrates American appetite for insurmountable odds, limitless aspiration, and immeasurable success.

Raw meat was carved to resemble famous people, maps, and symbols.


Meat Abe


Meat Bird

Sacred Heart

Meat Heart

Kentucky Strip

Meat Kentucky

Betsy Ross

Meat Betsy Ross

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs Skull

Nevada Lamb

Meat Nevada


Meat America

MJ Calf Liver

Liver MJ

Elvis Tenderloin

Meat Elvis


Meat Love

For more inspiration, check out: United Steaks of America

  1. Jose Navarrete

    This is amazing… This is why I love Toxel for amazing things like this :)

  2. Niyari

    I would love to eat the Elvis steak.

  3. Benleem

    Creative indeed! Steak is steak matter how artistic one can be..

  4. Spectator

    Did your momma ever told ya not to play with your food?

  5. Punicka

    peace and love looks ironic ;)

  6. Lilia Smiles

    Love the reference to MJ’s white glove!

  7. Gert

    *facepalm* I guess I don’t have a beef with this guy but I don’t want to meat him.

  8. Mrs. Klepp

    My mom allways told me not to play with food – guess this guy didn’t get that message….

  9. Adam

    I follow Meat America on facebook. He blogs about all kinds of alternate art (and bacon!)

  10. JKent

    The Elvis really looks like Conan Obrien!!

  11. DC

    Go Meat!!!

  12. ramessa

    wow ,

  13. Anonymous

    If restaurants actually use these models of meat for dishes, they could sell a lot!

  14. Amy

    All the vegetarians are crying.



    Isn’t that what vegetarians do anyway?

  16. mi


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