20 Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

20 Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

Collection of unusual and creative pumpkin carvings just in time for Halloween.

Homer Pumpkin

Homer Pumpkin

3D Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

3D Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins

3D Pumpkin Carvings

3D Pumpkin Carving

Space Invaders Pumpkin

Space Invaders Pumpkin

Iron Man Pumpkin

Iron Man Pumpkin

Terminator Pumpkin

Terminator Pumpkin


Transformers Pumpkin

Ratatouille and Indiana Jones

Ratatouille and Indiana Jones Pumpkin

Joker Pumpkin

Joker Pumpkin

Cannibal Pumpkin

Cannibal Pumpkin

New Moon and Yoda

New Moon and Yoda Pumpkin

Dwight Pumpkin

Dwight Pumpkin

Super Mario Pumpkin

Super Mario Pumpkin

Darth Vader Pumpkin

Darth Vader Pumpkin

Eve and Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve Pumpkin

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  1. Melocotoncita

    Lovin’ the Cannibal Pumpkin one :)
    Nice collection!

  2. Megan

    Dwight Schrute pumpkin is awesome!

  3. Mika

    Omg that cannibal one is awesome :D

  4. Dave

    wooooooow. happy almost halloween!

  5. Dorothy

    more than I expected!! wonderful pumpkins i’ve ever saw ^^

  6. jingpi


    i like it

  7. Paul Sample

    mario and space invaders are awesome!!

  8. Karin Stewart

    These are always fun. Happy Halloween everyone!

  9. Diego.

    Just AMAZING !

  10. Roland

    Joker is AWESOME :)
    All pictures are very cool, inspiring :)

  11. Binc

    GREAT Pumpkin Carvings! Love the Cannibal the most :)

  12. wtyang24

    woah this pumpkin carving has been taken to a whole new level. love it!

  13. hailey

    cool pumpkin carvings

  14. Nizar

    Cannibal is AWWWWWWWWWWWWSOME !!!

  15. Dr. Zilog

    Some of these look really fake, specifically the Terminator and Dwight Schrute pumpkins.

  16. addy

    thaty was awesome
    cant wait to see more

  17. santiag0

    hey the terminator one is just a fake photoshop image. You shoudnt put this kind of stuff

  18. Robyn Durst

    The Wall-E Pumpkin has the most amazing details and shading. Would love to know how long it took!

  19. sage

    The Wall-E pumpkin took me about 3 hours to carve. Not one of my most time intensive carves. Glad you enjoyed

  20. sage

    oops. my bad. that wasn’t my Wall-E carve. The Yoda and New Moon where. My Wall-E is different.

  21. A Girl

    The Terminator pumpkin looks like Sylvester Stallone… wasn’t he played by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  22. Harold (SMM)

    LOL By far the best one in my opinion is the Cannibal Pumpkin. Loved it!!!

  23. itsbrandnew

    The cannibal pumpkin…awesome! Genies!

  24. Reilly

    amazing. I’d get so bored I’d lose my mind… and if I screwed it up, i’d flip out cuz then i’d have to start over.

  25. Jorge Barba

    Man the Joker pumpkin looks amazing. Just amazing work on all of them.

  26. mytcz

    Great pumpkins!!! If I have to choose one though… Joker Pumpkin FTW :)

  27. Indiatiger

    those pumpkin carvings are really actually what the title says!
    they are probably the best carvings i have ever seen in my life!! by the way i am 9 years old.

    my favourites were WALLE the 3d cat, tiger, the statue of liberty, her torch, Ironman, terminator pumpkin, the joker, the canibal pumpkin was quite funny and the new moon one was absolutely brilliantly carved!!

    I am always impressed!xxx :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Karen

    SO AWESOME! i love the wall-e ones!

  29. Amaneh

    it was great
    specially lovers

  30. Reilly

    Some of these I’m like… is that even a pumpkin?? XD

  31. Clara

    I did an oogie boogie man pumpkin last year, took me about an hour and a half. Was tricky to do with just a sabatier knife, but I rocked it in the end.

  32. MarkDark

    Fantastic! Very innovative Art. Iron Man is the BEST.

  33. Lintu

    Soooooo coool, all of them

  34. Raads

    wasting pumpkins :(

  35. shanan tendulkar

    Good Carving………….
    Terminator carving is great!!!!!!!!!!

  36. sasahara

    co0o0o0o0ol i like all of them.

  37. erika

    I love the canibal pumpkin.It’s so cute!I wonder how long it takes them to make it.

  38. bobby

    canibal is amazing!
    i’m so going to use that tonight

  39. bob

    i like the star wars bumkins

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