Banana Carvings

Banana Carvings

Unique sculptures carved into bananas by Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada.

Real bananas are transformed into three-dimensional faces, sharks, and famous characters from popular movies and TV shows.

Beautiful and creative banana sculptures just in time for Halloween.

Japanese Banana Sculptures

Banana Carvings by Keisuke Yamada

Banana Sculpture

Banana Carving

Japanese Banana Carvings

Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada

Banana Art

Banana Sculptures


Banana Art by Keisuke Yamada

Japanese Banana

Banana Sculpture by Keisuke Yamada

Banana Sculptures by Keisuke Yamada

Japanese Banana Art

Banana Carving by Keisuke Yamada

Keisuke Yamada

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  1. amin

    what does he can do with stone or wood?

  2. ali

    very nice & perfect

  3. Gert

    How does he keep them from turning brown while he works?

  4. Dy

    Some of these sculptures remind me of pumpkin carving. Others remind me that my mind lives in the gutter.

  5. Running man

    The doctor who and SNK fandom unite at long last

  6. Jordan

    My guess is the banana is frozen at the time he craves them to get the crisp edges that sculpts the nice art pieces. Good going!

  7. Hardev

    Darth Vader one – “Who’s your daddy”

    I’m in the gutter with DY…:-)

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