Light Graffiti Cars

Light Graffiti Cars

Stunning photo series by Marc Cameron and Mark Brown, features outlines of iconic luxury cars created using light graffiti.

“Using an original technique of light painting I aimed to create simplified graphic versions of each of these classic shapes. The timeless, current and forward thinking design of each model has made creating these representations a massively inspiring experience,” says Mark Brown.

Audi R8 Light Graffiti

Audi R8 Light Graffiti

Bugatti Veyron Light Graffiti

Bugatti Veyron Light Graffiti

TVR Tuscan Light Graffiti

TVR Tuscan Light Graffiti

Ferrari F430 Light Graffiti

Ferrari F430 Light Graffiti

Morgan Aero Light Graffiti

Morgan Aero Light Graffiti

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  1. Anne

    COOL !

  2. KKL

    WOW! Amazing this one!

  3. GustaveCo

    Stunning. Truly masterful.

  4. Karen

    THATS AWESOME! how do you know where to draw everything?!

  5. ajayJshah

    Intense how certain aesthetic attributes can really tell you which make and model each is. Without even reading the titles, I knew everyone. Awesome.

  6. Julie

    Aww WOW :D

  7. Diego

    First , i would like to see a video of the creation of any of this pictures . . . .

  8. Mondo Print

    I second that. How do they create these so perfectly?

  9. Karin Stewart

    Simply AMAZING!

  10. Thomas Yu Lee

    speechless….wooow…..ya, awsome!!!!!

  11. DocDelete

    They’re all Photoshop fakes. Light-painting in a moving shot, at speed? I think not. Reflections are all hastily painted in, and, er, reflections in gravel and dry tarmac and sand??

    They’re hobbyist images done in Photoshop – nothing wrong with that, but they should be described as such.

    Proper light painting here

  12. agree

    I agree with DocDelete. It looks suspiciously like the Find Edges filter

  13. medha

    its owesummm but how is it done!!!

  14. Fire Toys

    Light Graffiti is sick! I love light painting with fire the most.

  15. Oddie

    Damn Great ! ! ! especially the Audi R8 !

  16. David

    Now that i look at them closely, I also agree with DocDelete. These are nice photoshop manipulations, but falsely labeling them as light graffiti is LAME and LOW, and thus they earn my disrespect.

  17. Ivan R

    I do light painting, and I agree that these are not real light paintings… The light reflections wouldn’t stretch down like they do in the pictures, the light would softly scatter from the area that receives the most light, even on concrete and tarmac. Besides the stretched reflections, there really isn’t any more light, it’s too dark. If anyone is curious, this could easily be done by tracing with a brush pen on a blank piece of paper over a car of choice, a light table would help. Then you scan it in and use that as a mask for your “psudo-light-painting.”

  18. Chris

    are there high resolutions of these?

  19. Sketchly

    Actally, they’re not that good. Or do you have very low expectations?

  20. zy

    It is obvious that they and not playing with light source alone.

    I highly believe they are playing with plexiglass.

    It does look like pieces of plexiglass being lit up by some light source.

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