Creative Advertising on Stairs

Creative Advertising on Stairs

See what happens when companies use stairs to advertise their products.

IKEA Stairs Advertisement

Store’s main staircase was presented as a chest of drawers, with everything inside neatly organized.

IKEA Stairs Advertisement

Coca-Cola Stairs Advertisement

Coke Light was advertised to people using the escalator and regular Cola to those who chose the stairs.

Coca Cola Stairs Advertisement

Jeep Stairs Advertisement

Clever parking space on the stairs reserved only for Jeep cars.

Jeep Stairs Advertisement

Literacy Association Stairs Advertisement

Creative campaign created to generate book donations for the Greenville Literacy Association.

Literacy Association Stairs Advertisement

Shopping Mall Stairs Advertisement

The stairs of the main shopping mall entrance were transformed into a track that extends to the central entrance.

Shopping Curitiba Mall Stairs Advertisement

Nationwide Stairs Advertisement

Nationwide Auto Insurance: Life comes at you fast.

Nationwide Stairs Advertisement

Parkinson’s Disease Stairs Advertisement

The world looks different when you suffer from Parkinson’s.

Parkinsons Disease Stairs Advertisement

ADD Stairs Advertisement

You cannot imagine what it’s like to compete everyday of your life. Sponsor and support handicapped athletes.

ADD Stairs Advertisement

Massage Stairs Advertisement

Clever stickers were strategically placed at selected stairways around the city to promote Ogawa’s first class massage.

Massage Stairs Advertisement

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  1. babemalo

    the ikea one is kinda clever.

  2. thatisocool

    very nice,the jeep one is clever :)

  3. Reilly

    I like the nation wide one :D

  4. Stephanie Horn

    The Jeep parking space is my favorite. What a clever way to promote the Jeep lifestyle.

  5. ajayjshah

    Literacy Association staircase it intense. One of my fav. great American novels is on there. Salinger. Then the IKEA stairs… simple and awesome use of the environment! Great post.

  6. Hillie

    Yea! This is advertising!

  7. RL Creative

    Jeep and IKEA Advertisements are so cool and clever :)
    One of the best I’ve seen in my lyfe…

  8. superdit

    Literacy Association Stairs Advertisement is my favourite one

  9. Attila Oláh

    Yep, the Jeep one owns them all.

  10. Chad

    Great idea since most people will be looking down when they use stairs, but something about the Ikea one makes me think it would be too easy for people to loose their step. Maybe it’s too busy with too many color transitions to be safe.

  11. John

    The Ikea concept won at Cannes last year didn’t it? The Jeep ad is cool, but has numerous variations for different brands.

  12. Evi

    Nationwide’s pretty good.

  13. Buba

    IKEA stairs are the best! I also think that athletes’ staris are great. I just want to run, just take part in competition with other pedestrians!

  14. Karin L. Stewart

    Great advertising campaigns!

  15. Gonzo

    Amazing this Parkinson’s Disease Stairs Advertisement

  16. Margaret

    i like the ikea and back massage ones

  17. David

    Im not sure the Jeep ad is so clever after all. What does it say actually: you can be irresponsible an park where you want?, or go and get yourself a parking ticket?

    People probably do buy SUVs to reign the urban area and be able to park on stairs, sidewalks, bicycle lanes etc.

    But its just wrong: it perverse that this vehicles are being used in the city, but being designed for the off road.

    And finally: does this ad help the Jeep brand? Think about it, in my opinion it doesn’t.

  18. Scirocco

    Literacy Association Stairs Advertisement is my favourite one

  19. wini

    i love the jeep one… great…!!!!

  20. Carsmagz

    Ikea is the most creative, imo. Back massage also an eye catching ads. Nice post.

  21. evlilik

    Nationwide’s pretty good.

  22. mmzx

    there is one on the piano stairs. should be up here.


    wow its amazing i love your site !!!

  24. latim george

    am gonna do this in africa soon

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