15 Unique and Creative Piggy Banks

15 Unique and Creative Piggy Banks

Collection of unusual and creative modern piggy banks that will allow you to save money in style.

Darth Vader Coin Bank

Join forces with the Dark Lord of the Sith and pinching those pennies will never be the same again. [buy]

Darth Vader Coin Bank

Mario Block Piggy Bank

Cool piggy bank inspired by the Super Mario Bros. video games.

Mario Block Piggy Bank

Coin Lamp

This creative lamp is turned on by a coin-operated switch.

Coin Lamp

Alarm Clock Piggy Bank

The only way to turn off the alarm is by inserting money!

Alarm Clock Coin Bank

Hand Grenade Coin Bank

Grenade shaped coin bank by Taiwanese designers Owen and Cloud.

Hand Grenade Coin Bank

Fill ‘er Up Coin Bank

Put a few coins aside for a rainy day and watch the gauge inch its way upward. Before you know it, you’ll have a full tank!

Filler Up Coin Bank

Bottle Top Coin Bank

Screw it on to the top of any bottle and watch the counter increase as you save. Sadly, it only counts 1 yen coins.

Bottle Top Coin Bank

Golden Egg Coin Bank

Porcelain money bank inspired by the fable of the Goose with the Golden Egg by Aesop.

Golden Egg Coin Bank

Spend/Save Coin Bank

The unpredictable pivoting tray collects, deflects, and randomly deposits coins in either the “save” or “spend” section. It’s a win, win!

Spend Save Coin Bank

Money Rolls Piggy Bank

Let the money roll into your piggy bank. It is more fun.

Money Rolls Piggy Bank

Recession Piggy Bank

Recession Piggy Bank

Clock Money Box

Unusual clock saves your money and shows you current time.

Clock Money Box

Face Bank

Creative face shaped piggy bank eats and saves your coins.

Emergency Money Box

Add coins at your own risk: the money can only be retrieved by smashing the glass.

Emergency Break Glass Money Box

Glass Piggy Bank

This cool glass bank features a coin deposit slot on the top and a removable wooden snout for easy money withdrawal.

Glass Piggy Bank

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  1. manu

    I love the glass piggy!!!!

  2. tim

    Emergency money box, speaks for itself. Pretty cool.

  3. omid

    Fill ‘er Up Coin Bank…
    you know…, I think I need one :D

  4. Chad

    What about the little yellow dude that when you place the coin in his hand he lifts it to his mouth and swallows? Just something I rembered from childhood. Anyone with me on this one?

  5. Chetan Haria

    cool designs which helps in saving…… People of all age group will love………

  6. latincrow

    loving the mario block..although that sneeky italian is stealing my money

  7. ajayjshah

    The emergency money box is clever.

    The rescission piggy is genius and hilarious.

    Glass piggy is prob. my fav. The same old simple concept, with a “clear” spin.

    All are great.

  8. Mask

    wow, all of these are great!
    the face one is creepy tho, gives me nightmares XD

  9. Handy

    Golden Egg Coin Bank is amazing :):):)

  10. Final

    the face one is rather a waste of resources

  11. Handy

    Clock Money Box and Clock Money Box i like them both

  12. Karin L.

    Pretty Clever.

  13. Aarti Harish

    Recession Piggy Bank makes me giggle and wiggle…

  14. Stephanie Horn

    I love the emergency money box. So simple, and I like the type. That face that eats your money is creepy, and annoyingly loud… I don’t see anything appealing there! haha… The poor recession piggy bank made me a little sad, but it was clever!

  15. aditia

    Recession Piggy Bank will it become fat when full of coin?

  16. Storyboard Life

    these are really some great ideas!!!!! The funniest is the recession pig….and I like the save and spend back!!!!

  17. aziz

    I love these designs but Iguess their price tag defies their purpose, just sayin

  18. Mark

    My favorite is the spend/save one, as you get rewarded while you save. The face one looks good but is too loud and slow, I think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.

  19. Manuela

    the face bank is great, but way too noisy!

    and the money rolls piggy bank is very very cool

  20. Miryam

    Love them all!!! ALso, here is one more:


  21. anna

    i like the lamp

  22. Sarah

    @Chad – that little yellow dude’s name is robbie!!! i definitly had one of those

  23. kathryn

    the face is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO creepy

    hand grenade LOL

    mario block loved it

    money rolls wicked

    loved them all want them all

  24. HannahJet

    love the fill er up one and my brother has the darth vadar one

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