Laser Cut Dollar Bill Art

Laser Cut Dollar Bill Art

Scott Campbell, a talented American tattoo artist, has created a series of cool artworks by laser cutting stacks of one dollar bills. Enjoy!

Laser Cut Money Art

Laser Etched Dollar Bill Art

Laser Cut Dollar Art

Laser Etched Dollar Bill Art by Scott Campbell

Laser Etched Dollar Art

Laser Cut Dollar Bill Art by Scott Campbell

Laser Cut Money Art by Scott Campbell

Laser Etched Money Art

Laser Etched Money Art by Scott Campbell

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  1. Daniel

    great work

  2. Duncan

    Ive been looking into this lately, hoping the Fed reserve doesn’t see this, nothing like paying for damaged currency.

  3. sawara

    too much money just for that …

  4. JubJub

    Oh no, i can see it now. Rappers “make it rain” with laser’d “Benji’s”.

  5. Yao Jia

    Oh my god…I applaud the creativity but seems like a total waste of money to me too…wish I’m that rich to splurge on art.

  6. Dave Sparks

    Nice idea but not sure about using a dollar bill, would look good hidden in books though

  7. deekomoose

    It’s not that waste of ‘money’ if you think about the cost of (for instance) a painter’s various materials, canvas, selection of paints, travel to location, etc. the costs are about the same… except everyone can appreciate this, not everyone appreciates a painting.

  8. jo cool

    sooooooo sickk

  9. Chad

    “Thank you Jesus” . . . for all the money.

  10. Kirvi Inci

    I like the art, but my only major “problem” with this is that the timing is a bit bad considering the economy and whatnot. People should be SAVING their money!

  11. tech-mad

    looks cool and provokes a variety of responses. sounds like art alright.

  12. lily

    this guy must be rich…

  13. Karen

    woah, such a waste of money :P i hope thats fake! but sooo awesomely cool :D

  14. mussman

    money to burn. hey, why not? with this administration’s economic policies, such an action would be a GOOD use of what to do with paper money. it’s better than whipping one’s as* or blowing one’s nose with the worthless stuff. thank you, president ‘O.’

  15. itsbrandnew

    these are all beautiful! It really says something about this economy when someone feels ok to laser cut dollar bills.

  16. Graydian

    ha ha, that would be illegal in teh UK. :)

  17. OGaskin

    It’s only money

  18. Karin Stewart

    The life of a bill is very short so all the mint does it shred them so why not! On the other hand, I think there is some little law about it being “illegal” to deface American currency??? How do you get around THAT! Otherwise, pretty cool!

  19. Brad

    I too was going to post about this artwork being a federal crime.

  20. J.

    It’s cool… but you should’ve done it on paper.

    The reason why defacing money is illegal is because it basically takes that amount of money out of circulation and keeps other people from ever obtaining it. It’s pretty selfish to mess up a stack of money in a time of economic hardship… especially since there were easy alternatives.

  21. Ubermensch

    What a great work.

    At least Scott Campbell shows us another function of money, besides makes people greed and selfish.
    Money can also used to make such a fabulous artwork.
    Good job, Campbell.

  22. sagewho

    Its kind of funny that so many people sit here and critique art, but dont actually say anything more than that it was made out of money. This is a stack of dollar bills guys, 40 maybe 50 max. How about the artworks that cost 40k to make? come on now, if all you can talk about is the material used to make the piece, you don’t understand the point of art.

  23. sagewho

    and another thing. the money could be substituted by other materials, but wasn’t. You wanna know why? because the artist wanted to make a point. religion + money = what? if you have to be told like this to understand the parts of an art piece, than you shouldnt be talking about it in the first place because you have no idea what you are talking about.

  24. Nelson

    I don’t get the fuss. I doubt there are even $40 or $50 worth of bills there. Seems like a cheap way to product art.

    Get over yourselves people.

  25. Lydia

    saw this last week in Remap 2, an art exhibition in Athens, Greece.


  26. andy

    + 1 to what Sagewho said!!

  27. Viewer10169

    Honestly, I think that’s a pretty good use of money right there! Why not use a couple of one dollar bills on real art, instead of the purely nasty and selfish things that people tend to splurge it on!

  28. Keaton

    Well, it is a huge waste of money, but what if they were cruddy bills that would otherwise, be retired.

  29. Elphi

    The only problem I have is that the money isn’t recirculating, whereas if you buy supplies, that money goes back into the system. Very creative and beautiful, though. I love the accuracy.

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