12 Creative Stress Ball Designs

12 Creative Stress Ball Designs

Creative stress relievers and cool stress ball designs from all over the world.

Stress Paul

Feeling overwhelmed, tense, under pressure? Don’t get stressed, take it out on poor old Paul and keep your sanity!

Stress Paul

Dwight Stress Ball

Take out your stress on Dwight Schrute. Comes in sealed wrapper and features the head of one of the most recognizable characters on TV.

Dwight Schrute Stress Ball

Breadou Stress Balls

Squeezable stress relievers made from NASA developed Memory Foam which doubles as a comfy wrist support. They look and smell like freshly baked bread goods.

Breadou Stress Balls

Stress Banana

This fruity stress buster actually feels like an overripe banana without the ghastly smell and brown patches of ick all over the skin.

Stress Banana

Taxi Stress Ball

Promotional campaign for Parkcomodo, a “stress-free” automated parking solution. The company hung 1,500 car shaped stress balls on the side mirrors of vehicles.

Taxi Stress Ball

LED Stress Balls

d°light Bubbles are soft, cool and squeezable silicone bubble LEDs that provide ambient lighting for any room.

LED Stress Balls

Watermelon Stress Ball

Cute watermelon inspired stress ball comes with a note holder.

Watermelon Stress Ball

Croissant Stress Ball

Croissant shaped sponge, use it as a stress ball or as a wrist rest.

Croissant Stress Ball

LEGO Stress Ball

Individually bagged stress balls shaped like LEGO bricks.

LEGO Stress Ball

USB Stress Ball

Squeeze it, pull it, squash it and twist it, whatever you do to the ball, you do to your work on the screen.

Emotional Stress Ball

Face stress ball designed by Makiko Yoshida. Squeeze it and have fun changing its facial expression.

Emotional Stress Ball

Anger Management Set

The set includes three different stress balls to help you cope with your increasing levels of stress throughout the day.

Anger Management Set

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  1. ajayjshah


  2. Sophory

    I love the last two !!!! Too cute !!!!

  3. Pete

    Looks like someone used Paint (poorly) to block out the company logo on the watermelon.

    USB stress ball is interesting, but looks more like a fabric joystick than something that could really be squished.

    Love the emotional stress ball; it’s probably the most fun/usable of the bunch.

  4. Reilly

    I made some with balloons and flour and sugar… sold all of em… made $50.

  5. Bing My Movies

    nice idea.. lego is cool always

  6. Den

    I like the emotional stress ball!
    Some aren’t so creative, but they all make a nice set, some days I could use more than one of those! ;-)

  7. Dan

    You’re kind of obsessed with Legos, aren’t you guy?

    The three recurring themes I see on this site are bacon, Legos, and Star Wars. And I don’t like it one bit…

  8. Heru

    LEGO is on everywhere. LEGO is life, and I like it. =D

  9. Ems

    Heeeeey. I gave those Breadou stress bread as gifts last Christmas. But mine were cuter! Nice list!

  10. Taz

    The LED ones look like breast implants.
    I want like 20 of them.

  11. kdizz

    Usb Stress ball. YES!!!!!

  12. Cory

    I would buy all of these, put them in a bed, and have the best sleep ever. Very nice designs, too.

  13. Ladyurbain

    Totally cool! I really like the LED ones.

  14. theguy

    Then why are you here wasting your time.



  15. Luiz Paulo Monteiro

    I want one of each!!!


  16. Y. tsye

    emotional one is quite good

  17. Jaden

    I soooo want the lego one

  18. Alice

    Omg, the usb one looks so cool! i like the emotional one though, that looks fun as well :)

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