Sushi Cats

Sushi Cats

Japanese company Nekozushi sells creative photos, calendars, and posters that feature adorable cats dressed up to look like delicious sushi.

Cats on top of sushi rice beds make the best models for unusual photos.

Sushi Cats have taken over Japan and soon will take over the world.

Sushi Cat


Sushi Cat from Japan

Japanese Cat

Japanese Cats

Neko Sushi

Sushi Cats from Japan

Japanese Sushi Cats

Cat Sushi

Cats Dressed like Sushi

Cats on Sushi Rice

Japanese Sushi Cat

Cats Sushi

Neko Zushi

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  1. jacklyn

    aha, what.

  2. gunneos

    none of them look very amused…

  3. Nyan

    The Chinese approve of this…

  4. Gert

    The I will smite you look on some of these cat’s faces are just too funny.

  5. Douglas


  6. pTc

    Japanese proverb say: man who make cat into sushi, have long and prosperous residency at mental institution.

  7. Sepehr


  8. Betty

    Yeah, why?

  9. woops

    Guys its not real

    You can tell by the rice pieces being out of proportion with the cat

  10. Pete

    Here I was thinking cats were really strapped to a big pillow or something. Disappointed that it’s jut a bunch of photoshopped crouching cats. Still cute, but not nearly as risky to the photographer’s arms ;)

  11. Swiper Fox

    Urban legend that I heard was Chinese once used cats as meat filling for their steamed buns “siopao”.

  12. so cute

    Why do people always bring up Chinese eating cats, but never the Swiss? People in switzerland STILL eat cat.

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