Trick Photography with Album Covers

Trick Photography with Album Covers

See what happens when people use sleeves from classic vinyl records to spice up their photographs, the results are truly spectacular…

Sleeveface is an international phenomenon wherein one or more persons obscure or augment body parts with record sleeve(s), causing an illusion.

David Bowie

[image credit: Tim Caynes]


[image credit: Nicolas Comastri]

Two of a Kind

[image credit: Meyer Ardila]

Italo Top Hits

[image credit: ZEN]

Elvis Presley

[image credit: Stephen Sleeveface]

Winston Churchill

[image credit: ++u01明++]


[image credit: Jenelle]

John Travolta

[image credit: Crystal]

John Lennon

[image credit: Soulkombinat]


[image credit: Ingrid Opstad]

Bob Dylan

[image credit: Cade]

Rick Astley

[image credit: Jussi-Pekka Erkkola]

Alma da Espanha

[image credit: Flavio Chan]

Bob Marley

[image credit: emics, top image via sweetbabyboy]

  1. Reilly

    Rick Astley FTW

  2. unDave

    Niiiiiice, pretty nice!

    -by unDave™

  3. jiggajiggo

    super cool!!! I’ll make one :D

  4. Den

    Fantastic! Very cool photos and creativity, amazing results!
    Just great!!

  5. Rosochka Crotton

    That’s wonderful photoes, especially Travolta’s clone. We had a lot of fun!!!

  6. Karin L.

    Lots of fun!

  7. NiceArtLife

    Very cool, great idea!

  8. Andy

    Hahaha! very very funny! I love the John Travolta one!!

  9. Rob

    I love it!! Very nice work. I like the Lennon one the most but all good. Very nice !!

  10. Sobesan

    Loving it!
    Just can’t do this with cd covers :)

  11. delere

    FUn stuff! The Travolta one (by himself) was hilarious!

  12. Yurie

    haha. The Travolta one was priceless!

  13. xoco

    such a cool idea!!

  14. Valente

    Very clever trick photography indeed!

  15. amandaaa

    LOL XD

  16. Stephanie Horn

    This is amazing. I must try it!

  17. BlueVision

    cool! i think i have an idea to try it out too!

  18. Kenna

    Bowie is the best one.

  19. jo james

    john Lennon was the best.. love the dust buster..

  20. Bernadette

    So cool…love them ALL!

  21. urban art

    Awesome! the John Travolta one is too funny.

  22. miss maan

    very creative..

  23. itsashirt

    I like the bowie one best, great match with his shirt!

  24. prasad

    its excellent

  25. nice


    I’ll make my own to !

    …never thought bob marley still alive… ;)

  26. catalin1205


  27. Manuela

    wow… great idea!

  28. Cubebrothers

    lo, giant-hand Bowie:P

    But nice idea indeed^^

  29. Joe

    Nice! Why hasn’t this been done before? I smell a sequel!

  30. Manja

    absolutely fantastic – really cool photos, pretty nice idea!

  31. bungandy


  32. Xania

    Some friends of mine from Hamburg did the same thing a while back for their shop. They make stuff out of records.
    All of these are really well done!

  33. gisella

    Exelente!!! Buen trabajo!! Muy original :)

  34. costumefly

    The hand looks a little too big in the Michael Jackson one. Great work nevertheless.

  35. Luisa

    This is a great collection of pictures, somebody should make a video form them, that would be cool

  36. snuggie pattern

    The Rick Astley one is best!

  37. Khiyo

    They are amazing!

  38. JP

    These are great! Favorites: Travolta!, Bowie, Dylan.

  39. chiminea

    This just made my day. Look forward to seeing what you can do with Iron Maiden, lol.

  40. theLULAdesigns

    Ha! These are hilarious! Super creative. I like the expansion of the environments beyond the album covers. It’s surrealistic reality.

  41. pka1868

    Very cool! My favorite is Bob Dylan…but Lennon is very funny!

  42. Saad

    Nice Work

  43. LastHappiness

    very nice! i liked it, very original!

  44. Peeta

    Very cool. I’m impressed and laughing.

  45. heffay

    Great pics! I really miss albums.

  46. Gdawg

    Good… But could’ve been better. Almost everyone shows faults along the edges where the shouldn’t be. A little more time and angles would’ve made them perfect. Good idea/concept, though

  47. miss marta P

    Unique and engaging photos! Fantastic!

  48. Alucinogena

    Luv the “gays’ Yoko and Lennon…

  49. pooky

    obviously photoshopped you can clearly see edges around the faces and such!

  50. GRILLirious

    What a great imagination to put these together.

  51. loymad

    Very cool… simplicity is always a winner.

  52. Sokobanja

    Great photos !

  53. adigayu

    Nice except two

  54. Hermitbiker

    …. cool tricks !!

  55. audrey

    That’s soooo cool!!! Reilly what does FTW mean??

  56. Agustin Acevedo Kanopa

    here’s my photo, with Jacques Brel on it

  57. Scott Corgan

    Genius! Can you do that with digital bookets too?

  58. Tom

    I’ve seen a couple of these before, but you posted some new ones that I’ve never seen…thanks! My favorite is the Winston Churchill one!

  59. kk

    Not Cool.
    John Travolta is a man among men. Why is a WOMAN posing as him?

  60. Charlotte

    Just seeing Rick Astley…made me Rick-roll myself…in my head. I’m angry now.

  61. Chelsea

    Photoshopped. I can tell because of the pixels.


  62. Florian Schommertz

    Churchill is the one with the least tiring repetitions in his Refrains, but it’s the worst shot here .. als just dark and obviously the wrong angle.

    John Travolta’s genderchange is well done.

  63. Wes Hill

    God what wonderful work!
    I love the whole idea and all or your pieces.

  64. K

    That Bowie one is brilliant! But the John and Yoko one really lets the collection down, they’re not even wearing matching clothes. That could have been really well done with a bit of effort.

  65. ezrabet-bathory

    oooohhhh what i could do to my mother…lol and i absolutely loved the Madonna pic

  66. Ryan

    wow, really creative. hahaha, I like the John Travolta one with the skirt the best.

  67. Mainual

    Just mega fantastic collection. Very inspirational

  68. Jaime

    HAHA You’ve just been rick rolled… @audrey

    FTW = for the win !!

  69. Boyd

    These are the best! I love them!!

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