14 Fictional Characters in Real Life

14 Fictional Characters in Real Life

Collection of “untooned” images that show us how our favourite cartoon and video game characters would look like in real life.

Bart Simpson and Mr. Burns

Untooned characters from the animated sitcom The Simpsons.

Bart Simpson and Mr Burns Untooned


If Mario was a real person, he would look something like this.

Untooned Mario

Jessica Rabbit

The exercise here was to take the exact cartoon proportions of Jessica and re-create her with realistic lighting and textures.

Untooned Jessica Rabbit

Alfred E. Newman

Fictional mascot and iconic cover boy of Mad magazine.

Untooned Alfred E Newman

Yosemite Sam

Realistic version of the famous American animated character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.

Untooned Yosemite Sam

Stewie Griffin

Untooned version of Stewie from the animated series Family Guy.

Untooned Stewie Griffin


Rick Baker created this artistic rendition of what Popeye would look like in real life.

Untooned Popeye

Charlie Brown

Main protagonist from the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.

Untooned Charlie Brown


Video game character and protagonist of the God of War series.

Untooned Kratos

Homer Simpson

Here is how Homer Simpson would look like if he was a real person.

Untooned Homer Simpson

Niko Bellic

The main protagonist from the Grand Theft Auto IV video game.

Untooned Niko Bellic

Peter Griffin

Two untooned versions of the protagonist from the Family Guy.

Untooned Peter Griffin

Buzz Lightyear

Raoni Nery created this realistic Buzz Lightyear rendering using 3ds max, Photoshop, and ZBrush.

Untooned Buzz Lightyear

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  1. Dave


  2. Naik Michel

    Very clever post :) Stewie and the Simpsons characters look awesome Huh?

  3. Megan

    Most of them look scary, I guess they work better in their original cartoon form.

  4. mi


  5. RJ

    Charlie Brown looks like Polish president Kaczynski

  6. starr

    These are amazing and maybe a little creepy. Little disappointed by the Buzz Light Year one – but Wow!

  7. Tom

    The Popeye one is terrifying!

  8. Marcelo Humberto

    untoon by mataleone “the best”

  9. Molly

    These are amazing. Charlie Brown is much less appealing in real life form!

  10. Heru

    Petter griffin.. NUTS CHIN.. =o

  11. Elena

    I like Mario and Homer. Cool!

  12. Lunar Squirrel

  13. delere

    Creepy. These are just wrong!

  14. Vanessa

    One word: Whoa.

    Amazing work.

  15. Niki

    Why does Homer have big round eyes and Bart doesn’t?

  16. X

    Only ones that look wierd and arent accurate are popeye and bart.

  17. Shevonne

    These are totally awesome!

  18. Merlin

    Awesome job, but i would really have liked to see more … realistic characters. Like suppressing the toonish-features to make them really like if they were real persons. Mario, for example… just giving him more realisticly sized eyes and he could have been your plummer… But still, really wonderful job !

  19. kreebilicus


  20. megan fox

    all of these r scary,and well…amazing. popey is so scary!!stewie looks weird.i wish i had untooned jessica rabbits dress!!!!! love,megan fox(kiss,kiss)

  21. taylor swift

    omg! this is so amazing!!!!!!!! but, popeye is so scary!!!!

  22. megan fox

    taylor,u r so right. popeye scares me. i wish there were someone 2 hug……..

  23. KevRyan

    I saw that buzz image on 3d total not to long ago. It’s really awesome. Also, cheers for embedding that video of Jessica Rabbit being untooned. Really made me wish I just mastered Photoshop instead of learning a heap of other programs.

  24. Alquiler Yates


  25. unDave™

    You can’t get any credit out of Kratos, the only reason he looks great over all is kuz he’s the most “realistic”, he and the GTA IV guy, but get real ppl, it’s “realistic” yet not proportional, ‘cept Popeye, he looks well done.

    -by unDave™

  26. Jaqi Mugo

    I prefer them tooned. Apart from Jesicca Rabbit, most of them are too ugly! :(

  27. cchana

    seen most of them before but never seen the Buzz Lightyear one, great collection

  28. Cwmill

    OH GOOD LORD!!! Popeye will give me nightmares

  29. wiky

    awesome all of them , but i don’t like the buzz lightyear one…it’s not really similar…i mean…the face…

  30. freaky noref

    all r awesome…but better leave then in cartoon characters…poor Popeye he looks like scary shaman!1 hehe

  31. Boo!

    Jessica Rabbit still looks the same, Still good looking in my opinion haha. he is like the less creepy of all XD

  32. Sweetness

    The Buzz lightyear is the terrain cinematic from starcraft with different coloring.

  33. Ron

    One word…FREAKY

  34. A Sitting Duck

    Amazing work!!!!!…

  35. Hermitbiker

    …. wow, these all are fantastic !! :)

  36. Kevin

    Wow, this is just disturbing…

  37. God Of War

    The stewie, peter, and kratos are really cool!

  38. jlkjlkj

    peter is the typical american!

  39. christian

    Man charlie brown.Lol:)

  40. Ivander

    i think i know why they didn’t show us when they’re making jessica rabbit’s body

  41. Muggsy

    No Cartman!?

  42. Dope

    Buzz looks cool so does Mario

  43. Rhiannan

    The Buzz is amazing and I love Bart lol

  44. William

    Cool stuff graphics wise. It turned out creepy as heck though

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