Volvo Car Ski Boots

Volvo XC60 Ski Boots Ad Campaign

To create buzz and awareness around Volvo XC60, ski boots at Norway’s premier Alpine resorts were redecorated and turned into the car itself.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\OSLO, Oslo, Norway

Volvo XC60 Ski Boots Ad Campaign 2

Volvo XC60 Ski Boots Ad Campaign 3

Volvo XC60 Ski Boots Ad Campaign 4

Volvo XC60 Ski Boots Ad Campaign 5

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  1. mat

    dont like it

  2. Kirvi Inci

    I have mixed feelings about these. Sure they are a creative way to advertise but I feel like I have seen them before.

  3. John

    HAHA, i can’t help but laugh at volvo.

    I saw one of their new cars the other day and it looks exactly like a BMW.

    @Kirvi Inci – are you thinking of the Citreon ad?

  4. oi web designer

    thats creative…

  5. Escuro

    Meh. It’s not very impressive.

  6. Kirvi Inci

    Not the robot car ad. That screams awesomness. I mean the actuall idea. It seems sort of old hat.

  7. John

    @Kirvi Inci
    Yeah those ads are great. you’re right, i wouldn’t really say this is toxel quality, but they must think its good enough.

    haha all i know is if the advert dosn’t make me want to buy the product then it’s not any good.

    @Toxel, maybe you could gather a collection of creative tattoos, that’d be sweet. =]

  8. amanhem

    i think its cool design

  9. Ashley L.

    The cars on the feet look like that they are just comftable and can go down slops.

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