Microscopic Sculptures

Microscopic Sculptures

Willard Wigan creates amazing sculptures that fit inside the eye of a needle.

During the creation process, the artist has to control his nervous system to make sure that he does not suddenly move and destroy the sculpture.

Moon Landing

Moon Landing





Incredible Hulk




Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz





TED Talk

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  1. laala

    its just crazy!! how can a person do that.

  2. Kat R

    Very cool. I’ve seen this before and still think it’s amazing.

  3. Steve

    It needs a great patience & interest

  4. mohammed glal


  5. Art of Concept

    OMG! Stunning stuff!
    (I admire his work, but also his patience!)

  6. Mario

    looks like he wasn’t able to pass “nanotechnology” at college.

  7. Atavar

    Incredible work.

  8. Juliee

    OMFG some people just have too much time!

    these are awesome i struggle to put thread through needles and this person puts sculputers into them! if this isnt talent then i dont know what it is.

  9. ben

    100% pointless.

  10. enav

    incredible work

  11. Lina

    An Armenian talented micro miniaturist Eduard Ghazarian have done this and even better works (on a hair) beginning from 1947.

  12. No Coffee.

    Dammit with the guy had as much style as
    he has patience, his subjects are just weak.

  13. faithisroo

    yup…once again….an art is an art…you don’t have to get a point from that…period.

  14. worontron

    yeaah.. well i can do that.

  15. Juliee

    get a life if it was pointless dont look at the post or comment either

  16. Danyell

    Wow. Outstanding!

    Juliee – What does he have “too much time” on his hands? This is his career. Should he be spending *less* time on his life’s work?

  17. Luca


  18. Pete


    >>OMFG some people just have too much time!<<

    I hate that comment; so belittling. Maybe he’s just better at time management than other people here.

  19. Dane

    I love how the one is titled, “Cameron Diaz” instead of “Girl in Needle”, haha. This really puts to shame that guy that did those pencil sculptures, haha. Next, i will make sculptures out of a strand of hair!

  20. Cory

    sweet. jesus. AMAZING

  21. Maria


  22. Art of Concept

    When you are an artist, that’s your job…

  23. ran

    i still can’t believe it…this is too amazing to be real haha

  24. Danielle

    No offence but….. Minnie Mouse looks like a monkey

  25. Glenn Contreras

    Camels are OMG!!!

    I need glasses even to see the pics! LOL

  26. Koi Koi

    Wow. That is some serious work of hands to be able to create something in so much detail in such tiny scope.

  27. Arabian


  28. Jim

    Just outstanding,this is talent Man.I see from some of the post here there is jealous people.

  29. LS


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