Amazing Pencil Tip Sculptures

Amazing Pencil Tip Sculptures

Dalton Ghetti creates unique art by carving miniature sculptures into pencil lead without the aid of a magnifying glass.

To make his wonderful creations, the artist uses three basic tools – a razor blade, sharp knife, and a sewing needle.

Pencil Alphabet

Pencil Lead Art

Pencil Lead Carving

Pencil Art

Pencil Shoe

Pencil Tip Art

Pencil Heart

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  1. Zerian

    amazing :D

  2. jack

    very cool and i give this guy lots of props for the patience he has.

  3. Anna

    wow how could someone do that?

  4. Ging

    Amazing works of art!!

  5. alex

    Wow… very impressive! So minuscule yet unbelievable detail! PROPS!

  6. torjan

    seen already, looks good still

  7. alexlim


  8. Art of Concept

    Wow!! Totally amazing!! I admire his patience! Fantastic art and very cool concept!

  9. Rich

    Too bad he passed away from lead poisoning! Kidding.

  10. Bajo

    Very impressive…

  11. hamid

    its unbelievable…

  12. mary

    so amazing!!!

  13. Atavar

    I can only mirror what others have said, incredible.

  14. 2LV2

    Way too much time….

  15. secret


  16. Graftik

    Really unbelievable! The script and nails in the saw… how’s that possible?

  17. Jaqi Mugo

    Out of the box!

  18. pete


  19. julie

    Lol @ Rich

    Love these :)

  20. Me

    my friends and i used 2 mess around with pencils, this is way better than anything we came up with

  21. Raads

    lol @ Me.. (not at myself, at the person that decided to call themselves ‘Me’) they have done exceptionally well, but Rich. pencils arent made of lead anymore, they’re made of graphite, so its kinda hard to get lead poisoning from a graphite pencil…

  22. enav


  23. Jantra

    Wow, these are amazing! so creative.

  24. Bringa

    WOW, i cant even sharpen a pencil without breaking the graphit.AMAZING!!

  25. Julie

    really cool.

    just dont give these to a kid that loves drawing.

  26. Zoe

    Wow… these are incredible! They look like they belong in an art exhibit or something like that.

  27. Pete


    There’s always one person who says they have too much time on their hands. Friggin internet. How does it work?

    Amazing art. Love it.

  28. Cory

    I cannot convey how much I love this with words on a comment space.

  29. Omega

    absolutely amazing!

  30. Reilly

    Pretty sweet. The poems on pinheads are more amazing though…

  31. October

    This is crazy, ver, very amazing, I think I’d like to learn how to do it : )

  32. Doink

    Oh wow, how much patience and soft touch a person must have to create those! One harsh chop and poof! All would be gone!


  33. nine

    HEY~!!! why art is so amazing?!!
    Because they do crazy things that nobody can think that possible!!!
    haaaa~!! i love art!

  34. Sophia

    This is actually insane…. honestly, I respect this guy. Incredible.

  35. Darrell

    I’ve seen the shoe and the Elvis bust before, but this guy’s even better and more creative than I thought!

  36. jassi


  37. Joan

    People who can create such wonderful marvels should be paid as much or more than athletes!

  38. Jatinder Vijh

    Wow! creativity at its very best.

  39. ChEeSe


  40. hellpitter

    Excuse me?! But how can you write with those?

  41. trolololol

    didnt know these stuff existed!!!

  42. bambang eby

    Seni yang membutuhkan kesabaran, ketekunan dan ketelitian tingkat yang berbeda. KEREN…

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