12 Unique Coffee and Tea Mugs

12 Unique Coffee and Tea Mugs

Collection of unusual, weird, and the most creative tea and coffee mugs.

Golf Mug

Get your morning started off with a coffee and a quick hole in one.

Golf Mug

Square Mug

Set of unique coffee mugs that snuggle up perfectly together.

Square Mug

Zipper Mug

Zipper was cleverly incorporated into the side of the teacup.

Zipper Mug

Mood Mugs

Series of mugs with quirky facial expression to reflect your mood.

Mood Mugs

Ear Mug

Dear Van Gogh mug has a silicon ear handle that you can twist.

Ear Mug

Chalkboard Mug

Coffee mug with a chalkboard surface and pre printed checklist. [buy]

Chalkboard Mug

Tie Tea Cup

It solves the problem of fishing around for that tea bag in the cup.

Tie Tea Cup

Gun Handle Mug

Unique ceramic mug with a heavyweight gun shaped handle. [buy]

Gun Handle Mug

Toilet Mug

Enjoy your morning brew with this one-of-a-kind toilet shaped mug. [buy]

Toilet Mug

Cookie Mug

Cool mug designed for people that love dipping cookies in milk.

Cookie Mug

Cookie Cup

Ring Mug

2-Carat Cup by Yusuke Fujinuma comes with diamond ring handle. [buy]

Ring Mug

Zero Gravity Mug

Creative tea and coffee mug that you can easily balance on its side.

Zero Gravity Mug

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  1. Bob

    Golf and Mood mug FTW!

  2. Shirley

    cookie mug =]

  3. Vitaliy

    the toilet mug is pretty gross.. especially if you’re drinking coffee out of it. Plus the dude’s expression isn’t really helping the situation lol

  4. wanwan

    Toilet Mug.., disgusting concept

  5. Svetlina

    I already have a Chalkboard Mug but a bit better than this one. The edge of mine is of diff material so that i dont eat the black part :)

  6. Ging

    I want!! Except the toilet mug, of course!!

  7. Benjamin Christine

    brilliant post! cheers!

  8. Pete

    Square mug looks like it would be difficult to drink from.

    Liked many of the others. Toilet mug is amusing.

  9. Adriana

    Wow, great collection of mugs! I think the Golf Mug is really cool. If you’re in a coffee shop and you are waiting for someone you can play so you don’t get bored!

  10. yardbird

    cookie mug is ingenious! very creative and useful

  11. Van

    ugh, toilet mug pretty much ruined my day, but the others were cool

  12. Ben

    Well, I think everything has been said about the toilet mug !

    I have to try the Zero Gravity one, but I guess I would need half a dozen of them. Just in case….

  13. Maya Tellman

    Do you know where I can purchase the Dear Van Gogh mug?

  14. Uwe

    The “Tie Tea Cup” seems to me to be the most clever and useful one.

  15. MimiMutz

    Golf and Cookymug are the best ^^

  16. Art of Concept

    Zero Gravity Mug…why would you want to balance your coffee? (scratching head)
    I agree with Uwe, the Tie tea cup is pretty clever!

  17. Atavistica

    Toilet mug is great, if you don’t like it don’t imagine drinking apple juice from it ;)

    I love the balance mug, can’t say i like the gun mug though.

  18. jaqi mugo

    Mood mug
    Cookie mug
    Ring mug

  19. Crumpet

    lol ring mug

    would you marry me? jks here is a mug as your consolation prize

  20. Mónika

    I like ring mug. ;)

  21. Vijaya

    I liked the ring mug. Yes, I did not like the toilet mug.

  22. HannahJet

    Well i think you would look foolish with the gun or toilet mug, but i like the ring and zero gravity one!

  23. Vicky

    I saw the gun mug on “The Glades” tv show.

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