14 Cool Tea and Coffee Mugs

14 Cool Tea and Coffee Mugs

The most creative coffee and tea mug designs from all over the globe.

Animal Face Mug

Taz-ah are white bone china mugs with printed images on the underside. While in use a dog, rabbit, pig, tiger and monkey faces can be reviled.

Animal Face Mug

Tea or Coffee Mug

Fantastic way to let everyone know how the drinker takes their tea or coffee with a brilliant Tea or Coffee Mug.

Tea or Coffee Mug

Teeth Mug

Each one is individually hand carved by Taiwanese ceramic artists to ensure that every set of teeth is straight and comes with the brightest smile.

Teeth Mug

Moustache Mugs

The fine bone china mugs by Peter Bruegger are available in six different iconic moustache styles.

Moustache Mugs

Coffee Bean Mug

Cool looking coffee mug decorated with coffee beans.

Coffee Bean Mug

Teabag Mug

Natural white organic porcelain mug. Microwave and dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended.

Teabag Mug

Guitar Mug

Perfect coffee mug for the music lover in your family.

Guitar Mug

Stirring Tea Glass

It has a ceramic ball at the bottom that goes around and mixes the tea as you lift the cup or swirl it gently.

Stirring Tea Glass

Self-Stirring Mug

This cool mug has a miniature battery-operated propeller at the bottom of the well that spins at 3,000 rpms at the touch of a button on the handle, automatically stirring your beverage. [buy]

Self Stirring Mug

Plug Mug

It is a mug with a hole in it which renders it completely useless to mug thieves. Just keep the plug safely stowed away from harm on your key ring or in a vault. [buy]

Plug Mug

Mummy Mug

The mummymug minimizes the risk of spilling hot beverages, ensuring a safer image environment for children.

Mummy Mug

Fisticup Coffee Mug

This man-size unusual coffee mug packs a serious punch. [buy]

Fisticup Coffee Mug

Heart Mug

Beautiful heart-shaped mug, just remember to fill it with non-clear liquid to bring out the love in every sip.

Heart Mug

Toxic Waste Mug

A normal mug that just happens to look like it is full of toxic waste. [buy]

Toxic Waste Mug

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  1. Olivia

    Love the heart mug…

  2. Jules

    I <3 the animal face mug, sooo cute

  3. d1ve2blu3

    i love the animal mug :D

  4. Wine Consumer

    The mug that looks like it’s made of coffee beans looks creative but not something I would use. I especially like the cup with Coffee-Milk-Sugar labels and checkboxes. It looks like the Coffee Cup has a GUI.

  5. derschreckliche

    Is the “Coffee Bean Mug” available somewhere?
    It’s fantastic!

  6. Julie

    Where can you get the Guitar/Music one!
    The teeth one is weird! Looks horrible t drink out of..
    And the animal face one is so cute :)

  7. Jef

    i want the mummy mug. that one looks awesome.

  8. cahpamulang

    Nice post gan

  9. hallowe'en flavr

    moustache mug want :)

  10. amanhem

    i like love mug,
    mmm, its delicious

  11. ka3nabonita

    i bet my coffee would taste better with these awesome mugs.

  12. charubhashini

    I have mickey mouse coffee mug in my place! I would like to share it whenever time permits


  13. Josh

    I like the plug one. Nothing worse than finding someone has stolen your freaking mug and is using it.

  14. alicia lee wade

    wonderful stuff. especially ♥ the mug with teeth.

  15. Steve

    I like the heart mug,romantic & absolutely perfect for couples.

  16. Sara

    Other cool mugs I’ve seen– a leaning tower of Pisa mug that is completely slanted, and these mugs at Hallmark stores that play music when coffee is poured into them.

  17. Jaz

    Lol the plug one is a bit useless in the wrong circumstances

  18. Becky

    These are so creative. While some of them are just gross and nasty, others like the heart and the mustache are cute!

  19. Sarah

    LOL love it!

  20. Nam

    Cheers to the Plug Mug :)

  21. tusste

    i would love one of theese for my birthday

  22. ruz

    creative designs! can i get them? where from (anyone knows)

  23. lulu

    what happens when you turn your back and someone pulls the plug?Now youve got perfectly good coffee all over the floor

  24. Prachi Telang

    have no words for the website,, its just amazing :)
    i wish i could buy the guitar mug ,,

  25. Doink

    Fisticup – for those mondays you don’t want to know how everyone’s weekend was :D

  26. utarinda

    how if we want to clean the Coffee Bean Mug?

  27. Jonas

    I love the mug with teeth on! ^^

  28. ezzuhadka

    i like the love design mug…

  29. :3

    The guitar mug is brilliant.

  30. garfieldnicz

    where can i get the Guitar mug?

  31. Skinny

    Love the self-stiring mug <3 lol

  32. tenten

    i love coFfee.., it’s part of my daily life!
    & i love most of your designs….;)

  33. Ashley Parlow

    Love the coffee mugs :)

  34. acid

    Wow! they are so cute ^^
    How can I find those mugs? How does the price?

  35. luis

    wouldnt the coffee one melt?

  36. radwa aly

    where can i find the coffe beans mug???? i wanna a large amount from this item

  37. Sarah

    Where can I get the heart mug?

  38. zaynmalik

    love the moustachee mugs! NEEEEEED RN

  39. Vinodh

    Beautiful mugs

  40. Duarte

    I’m interested in buying the musical set, guitar, saxophone and violin. Where can I order them from?

  41. Samantha

    Wow.. those mugs are cute!

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