24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs

Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs

Modern mugs and creative mug designs from all over the world.

Punch Coffee Mug

This coffee cup reminds you that getting up is hard, you need strong coffee and a good punch in the face to get going. [link]

Punch Coffee Mug

Punch Coffee Mug 2

Dunk Mug

This smart ceramic mug features a special compartment in which you can store cookies.

Dunk Mug

Camera Zoom Lens Mug

Unfortunately, this is not a real mug, just a brilliant concept design.

Camera Zoom Lens Mug

Starbucks Sweater Mug

Creative mug made to look like it was knitted.

Starbucks Sweater Mug

Cadarache Cup

Unique cup set designed to imitate the shape of a nuclear power plant.

Cadarache Cup

Cadarache Cup 2

Cortado Cup

Cortado 2/3 Coffee + 1/3 Milk cup designed by Pilotto Ignacio.

2/3 Coffee + 1/3 Milk Cup

Melting Icebergs Cup

The external surface of the cup is printed with a second layer of heat sensitive ink that is revealed when hot water is poured into the cup.

Melting Icebergs Cup

Stacked Cups

Stacked is comfortable in the hand and amusing to the eye. No matter how you grab it, it’s guaranteed to enliven your coffee break and perk up your pantry. [link]

Stacked Cups

To Go Cup

Different ways to drink coffee. The hypothetically saucer become the cap of the cup.

To Go Cup

To Go Cup 2

My Cuppa Mug

My Cuppa helps you mix your drink to the perfect consistency, based on the color-coded guide inside. Options include everything from a straightforward “milky” to an extra-strong “builder’s brew”.

My Cuppa Mug

Gun Mug

Go slow in life, kill time with a cup of coffee.

Gun Mug

Drink Selector Mug

Tired of telling people how you like your tea or coffee? Twist rings to reveal your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences.

Drink Selector Mug

On/Off Mug

At first glance it’s simply a standard black mug with big white letters that say “OFF”. Nothing fancy, but once you add the hot beverage of your choice, the mug changes color to white and in big black letters it states: “ON”.

On Off Mug

Link Mugs

Mugs that link together: An elegantly formed cross on the side of each mug fits neatly into the next, forming a self supporting row of up to 6 mugs.

Link Mugs

Link Mugs 2

Crinkle Cup

Designed to look like a discarded, plastic coffee cup, the Crinkle Cup is actually made out of ceramic.

Crinkle Cup


Creative SmileCups designed by Studio Psyho. [link]


Tea Bag Coffin

With the “Tea bag Coffin”, the drinker can tidily bury the bag under the cup and out of the way. RIP.

Tea Bag Coffin

Me Cup

Me Cup is designed to keep your liquid hot and keep you fingers cool. The cup has empty chambers in its wall to prevent burns and to isolate the hot liquid. The cup comes with a saucer, which also has its role to play because it can be transformed in a lid to keep the heat inside and serves as a locking system to stack and store them on top of each other.

Me Cup

Darth Vader Mug

Let the Dark Lord of the Sith watch over your coffee! [link]

Darth Vader Mug

Mr. P Lick Mug

Mr P Lick Mug

Anamorphic Cups

The Anamorphic Cup is the first product to employ the centuries old visual play of the anamorphic cylinder. The stainless steel cup has a polished mirror finish. The porcelain saucer is printed with distorted images or words. These graphics can only be viewed correctly though the curved, reflective surface of the cup.

Anamorphic Cups

The Pessimist’s Mug

You’ll never see the glass as half-full again.

The Pessimists Mug

Helvetica Coffee Mug

Coffee, like Helvetica, is an acquired taste. To satisfy both habits, this white ceramic mug features four weights of the timeless font – in corresponding caffeinated shades – and a sensibly squared handle.

Helvetica Coffee Mug

The Ultimate Coffee Cup

The oval body of this mug brings the center of gravity closer to the hand. The handle and body can be held in several ways, all more comfortable than traditional mugs.

The Ultimate Coffee Cup

The Ultimate Coffee Mug

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  1. Niyaz

    Great Post Buddy.. ;)

  2. Mika

    Aww I wish the camera lens one was real, would be a great gift for a friend of mine :)

  3. zen

    I already bookmark some of these design before, but when you compile it like this, there is no need to bookmark it elsewhere again..great post toxel

  4. vgodard

    the hot / cold mug is way better than the on / off one !

  5. Carsti

    Need that Camera Mug… :)

  6. Jorge

    Love the melting iceberg mug!

  7. nFormas Design

    The camera is the great of them

  8. Fikroskop

    supper cupss :)

  9. lrbell

    The cookie reservoir and teabag coffin are genius. Just genius.

  10. Fred Fortin

    Camera mug is the best one :)

  11. gary

    Gt, collection. Personal faves are: Mr. P, cookie mug + crinkle cup.
    Off to my workshop now to mass produce camera mug.
    zoom lens= grande size…

  12. Paul Royer


    Amazing custom hand made tiki mugs.

  13. jules Andre Brown

    I am in love with saucer that hides the tea bag while your drinking tea!


    – Jules Andre-Brown

  14. Jocy

    L0V3 These!!!

  15. Md. Mahmud Ahsan

    I like Mr. P Lick Mug [link]
    great post!

  16. Free xbox 360 Games

    Those mugs are awesome. I need to get me some of those.

  17. Robyn McIntyre

    Some terrific gift ideas here – even gifts to yourself! Great ingenuity and playfulness shown in these designs. Thanks for bringing them all together.

  18. Nah

    A friend has one with the Bill of Rights on it. When you add hot liquid, your rights disappear… right in front of your eyes. Imagine that?

  19. Martin Lewis

    That’s a cool collection. Especially loving the zoom lens. Thanks.

  20. tophielatte

    cool : )

  21. Jovana

    have nth to say!!! Those cups r incredible!!!
    I would like to have this one, and this one, and that one… ect…:D

  22. Kirk

    The dunk mug would be terrible for a lefty! Dumping your cookies all over the place. What a right-handed world!

  23. Elnaz

    I need a coffeee …

  24. Paula

    Very interesting.

  25. Mona

    so beautiful

  26. Oscar P

    I think the zoom lens cup is the most aesthetically pleasing, the ultimate cup looks the most practical and comfortable, but I think the teabag coffin has the most ingenious idea. It’s cute in a somber way.

  27. anotherwanderer

    Aww, too bad the lens mug isn’t real. It was the one i wanted..

  28. Fluffy2002

    The cup with the cookie slot on the bottom of it is my fave.

  29. jeff

    nice, i wish have one of it.

  30. James Barry

  31. Norman

    I want the camera lens mug, too cool!

  32. Daisy

    I love the Mr. Lick mug. Very funny. Those are amazing collection of mugs. Is it available online? Or in what store can we buy it?

  33. Jason

    That Knuckle Duster MUG is a rip off of this one:


    I bought one and it’s awesome!

  34. Amarjeet Hans

    I liked the square one.

  35. Mniya

    I love ol cant choose one, really good ideas!!

  36. Alfred Devanesan Samuel

    Great stuff dude!!

  37. Zlimp

    cool stuff!

  38. Bill in Detroit

    I do wood turning and a friend has asked me to design a cup as a gift for her Doctor. Thanx for the inspiration.

  39. Jordy

    This is a really cool collection! Superb ideas!

  40. Mika

    Pity, there is no Lens-Cup, greetings from a Photograph Freak

  41. Dainis Graveris

    Camera Zoom Lens Mug – looks really brilliant, so creative!

  42. KottonQueen

    Those are super awesome! Ima get the cookie holder for my mom, she’ll love it! koo designs

  43. K Adams

    The Crinkle cups are my favorite – really cool

  44. Stevie Nicks Fan

    Outstanding compilation! I’m always looking for cool mugs that don’t smash my fingers in a small handle and here’s oodles of ideas that accomplish that with tons of creativity. Great!

  45. rica

    super kewl!!! very creative ideas!!! not much into coffee/tea…but wit mugs/cups like these…it wudnt be hard to catch the habit! :P

    my favz got to be the stacked cups….and the drink selector mug too….

    kewl stuff!

  46. josh


  47. tom

    hi can you tell me where i might buy some of these

  48. J

    if you have a flame under Dunk Mug, it can serve as a fondue thingy. hah. or it might explode.

  49. PJ

    I love the punch mug! it reminds me of the good ol’ days when I were one.

  50. sangita

    I’m huge coffee mug fan…and these are awesome….i want each and every one of them…just luv it

  51. Joy Panattil

    Superior designs of everyday use items

  52. itay greenberg

    simply brilliant!

  53. NANI

    I like it very much !

  54. Avia


  55. salmamr

    well this is great , im actually up early to have a nice cup of tea :) what a coincidence

  56. DK

    Great designs, inspires me to get into mug making business, lol

  57. avisioncame

    So sick of these stupid blogs. I mean I realize a lot of work went into it, but you realize half of these concepts are just that. Most of them probably thought out by art students. While creative, it’s just annoying to constantly see posts like this as if these things actually exist. There is my 2 cents.

  58. ALJNDR

    The cup that has were to put your cookies is just what I need!

  59. ;-)

    cute :-*

  60. virendra chahar

    i like the punch coffe mug. it is cool and pls can u tell me where i will find these?

  61. Del

    What a fantastic collection of creativity!! I want several of these.

  62. Gayle

    I’m having a terrible time deciding on which of these great mugs to get. For my Chief of Police son-in-law it will be the Gun Mug. Then others will take a big chunck ot of my Birthday and Christmas lists. I love them.

  63. Javacikiz

    They are all creative !!

  64. puupe

    its cool

  65. restincity

    It’s really cool!:) I am actually up early to have a nice cup of tea.

  66. Rich Dansereau

    These are some really creative mugs. I especially like the anamorphic mugs.

  67. john gates

    Where i can buy them?, they are so cool, please, any body? Thanks.

  68. adriana

    unbelievable!really creating and inspiring!i’d love to buy one

  69. rizmister

    wonderfull!!! this is a great website!I love all designs here

  70. Kim Randall

    I love coffee and I love these mugs!

  71. Transguide

    ceramic plastic coffee cup is impressive

  72. Reijer

    I’d get addicted again just to drink from one of those! Love the mugs! If I ever see them for sale. :-)

  73. Steve

    Brilliant! Would love the Pessamist Cup! Hillarious!!!!

  74. atalina08

    genius genius!!!!

  75. Edmen

    I love Crinkle Cup like plastic not plastic so good

  76. J C Garner

    A great idea will sell itself…

  77. AlexT

    On/Off Mug is nice… but “We’re sorry, this product has sold out and is not currently available.” :(

  78. portugues

    Io io. Some coffe cups not made for real coffe drinkers to big, not real expresso coffe is a small cup to really enjoy the taste of coffe not badly washed water……
    be a coffe lover

  79. Ani

    Some of these are amazing! I especially love the white ceramic ones. Thanks for the great post!

  80. Eric

    So creative! I love the cookie warmer and brass knuckles the best.

  81. pete garcia

    very nice cups,i’m a cup collector myself.

  82. Ruby

    Great gift ideas for most of my friends and family!!!

  83. Ala

    a great work :) i like ON/OFF Cup so much …

  84. Autumn Hake

    These are awesome! I want to buy the brass nuckle one! When can we start purchasing?

  85. xozan

    Awe! i love Camera Zoom Lens Mug!!!

  86. makhmal

    good good

  87. dani

    I made this…
    if anyone want to produce it..

  88. zim zim

    Pretty good.
    Thanks for share

  89. Aydan

    I have Crinkle Cup! Love it!

  90. Ru

    I want a woollen cup with hot tea

  91. abbas

    just fantastic !

  92. kristine

    lov it so much!

  93. Adelle Laudan

    This is going in my Christmas link files for next year. Sure wish I saw this earlier Happy Holidays!

  94. Adelle Laudan

    Sniff, I just realized they’re not for sale. Major bummer.

  95. Nandini

    awesome… Mr. P Lick Mug concept is mind blowing.. will try making one :D

  96. ddmsh

  97. arman

    how much ?

  98. Jennifer

    I love this post.. I was thinking how much I needed a coffee and then I came across this post..must be telling me something. Very cool mugs.

  99. aisha

    melting icebergs mug was awesome…..

  100. Keith

    interesting, cool and definitely unique!

  101. seena

    interesting, innovative, cool, good work

  102. Zeina

    I love the cups on top of each other… :)so funny

  103. Evo

    My cuppa tea chart – great idea!

  104. Marian

    i want the brass knuckles mug and the cookie holder, would be awesome if they were combined!

  105. Mimi

    My Science dorky teacher has the Darth Vadar, I’m jealous of him.

  106. Maya

    I want them all :D

  107. mark

    dude, these mugs are really sweet. I think if i had them in college, they would be useless for studying because I’d be to busy checking out how cool my coffee mug is, instead of using the coffee to study

  108. Heather

    As a photographer, I am really fond of the lens mug :) very cool

  109. Tracy

    Those cups are amazing!!! I love to see people take simple things and take them to the next level. Keep up the good work:)

  110. Witni

    Oh my gosh, these are awesome! I love the ON/OFF mugs & the Camera Lens mug. Very cool. I wish I was creative as some of these people!

  111. Haley

    Super cool love the cookie holder mug

  112. sofi

    really amazing collection

  113. BobMartin

    Hey Mika, They do exist. Look on Ebay, in the camera/photographic equipt. catagory, then, if I remember right, look under acessories/other, or possibly just other. It’s definitly in that catagory
    somewhere. Even branded Canon or Nikon. About $24.99 +

  114. BobMartin

    I see now, there were several folks who liked the zoom lens mug. My note to Mika is extended to all of you.
    I may have to start collecting coffee cups again. I have the one that has printed on the outside, “For my best friend”. Inside is a big BUG.

  115. ajie

    i like coffee very much and also beautiful mugs

  116. naldbeybi

    these mugs are amazing. i love the Camera Zoom Lens Mug and the crinkle cup. :o

  117. ruby

    very nice.. i really really like mugs

  118. Dee

    Great. I love them all!!! I’m a mug-lover. Wish to have some of them to be added to my collection. The dunk mug, on-off mug and the ice melting mug, anamorphic mug, those are my favorite. But link mug and tea bag coffin also unique. Want them all!!!

  119. CM

    Very nice!
    I love the one with a biscuit holder underneath.

    The Camera Zoom Lens Mug isn’t only a concept! The camera lens mugg is real and there are many models to choose from, also (Canon EF 24-105, Nikon 70-200, Nikkor 24~70mm to mention a few).

  120. MSC

    As a photographer, I might just have to employ the use of that camera zoom mug! Fantastic assortment; very entertaining read.

  121. suni

    the nuclear power plants are so cute. even though I was scared by those in japan which leaked in May….

  122. gaurav

    i need the Punch Coffee Mug

  123. Mosey

    Well, all are nice but I like “Helvetica Coffee Mug”

  124. Jess

    I want to buy the mug for a good friend of mine, but all I keep finding for sale are the white and black ones. Anyone know where to find the all-silver colored ones like in the picture above? The link takes me to the white one..

  125. Becca

    I love coffee mug!!!

  126. Kinga

    Great! By now i’ve got lens mug, it’s really inspiring:) I’m waiting for “cuppa mug”. Maybe my boyfriend will give me one for xmass!

  127. Joy

    Super Like! im a mug collector… hope i can have all of that mugs…

  128. Maria

    Awesome post!
    Really love the helvetica mug <3.
    My all-time favorite font.

  129. Collin

    Love the camera lens mug! Its so fascinating!!!

  130. rick knobe

    looking for a conical(wide base, narrow top) mug. ceramic, with a lid. love the design and style of this site.

  131. Snehal

    Creative, Awesome…It is really interesting…!!! But plz innovate some designs for Left handers also…!!!

  132. Diaa

    The ultimate coffee cup is extremely efficient :)

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