Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint Art

Kevin Van Aelst has reproduced each of his ten fingerprints using different objects and materials that hold significance to his past.

The series was an attempt to create a self-portrait with both objective information and subjective context for that information.


Yarn Fingerprint

Cheetos Fingerprint


Mustard Fingerprint

Cassette Tape Fingerprint

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  1. Aris

    cat poo was weird

  2. chelsea_fc

    Someone has waaaay too much time of their hands

  3. miggy

    great art but really long time to do

  4. aditia

    very cool really amazing imagination from the creator

  5. Mackenzie G

    Great stuff. Highly creative

  6. Sharyn

    Wonderful images, I’d love to know the stories behind them.

  7. alexlim


  8. Crumpet

    I really hope that is brownie mix in the cat litter tray…

  9. mea146


  10. Cory

    I am now a less intelligent man for having seen this.

  11. Shannon

    @ Cory seriously? How are you less intelligent for looking at something that probably took more time to do than anything you will ever do in your entire life.

    Also it bothers me that there are only 9 posted when it is just one away from all 10

  12. Evie

    That’s kinda ocd Shannon, but amazing art work

  13. Daivd

    Really interesting work, although the typewriter one is not clear. I guess the fingerprint in on the paper, but it isn’t showing up well.

  14. Jolly


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