Water Tower House

Water Tower House

Industrial water tower in the Netherlands has been converted into a modern residential house.

Designed by Zecc Architects, the house consists of nine floors and small rooftop terrace that offers beautiful panoramic views.

Water Tower Roof

Water Tower Bedroom

Water Tower Interior

Water Tower Kitchen

Water Tower Stairs

Living Room

Water Tower

Modern Water Tower

Water Tower

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  1. chiggly

    Yeah..that’s not creepy looking at all.. >__>

  2. vlad

    i think the guy that lives there … is really fit :))…

  3. ugh

    Hmm… Each room is a different floor
    A great way to stay in shape I guess

    Overall cool tho

  4. Lee

    Something I’ve dreamed about doing for many years!!!

    As envious as I am that someone has beaten my I can not help to think that the size of the tower has restricted the practicality of the project (Not as spacious as I’d of imagined?!?!?!)

    I think this would have been better if it was a larger tower allowing for larger rooms and possibly larger windows.

  5. Fillibert

    did anyone notice the guy rappelling down the side?

  6. cupcake

    well, you will guaranteed never run out of water o.O

  7. Art of Concept

    Awesome! I really like it!

  8. forumlogic

    Shortage of light and the small divided units of usable space make this appear totally impractical as a living space. How many times will someone miss their footing on those jet black stairs before they have to put some white tape to mark the edges? Also, without some way of draining the rain away from the roof the whole damn thing is just going to start filling up!!

  9. Tony Baloney

    This place must be amazing during a lightning storm. Pretty cool. I like that they did a cut-away to bring light in rather than cutting in windows.

  10. Kochtopf

    would be awesome to have as some kind of doom fortress

  11. Connor

    The only thing thats missing is bigger windows and fire poles leading from floor to floor.

  12. Cameron Johnson

    @Fillibert, I totally missed that on the first scroll. Good call fillibert.

    Clearly the owner is quite fit. : )

  13. Mike

    It’s not a guy who lives there, it’s a woman named Rapunzel :)

  14. Taz

    Which floor is the bathroom on? Place would be a nightmare if you really gotta go and have to run up/down like six flights of steeps.

  15. Natassja

    Build a evalavator and then you’ll be cool ;)

  16. Sabrina

    Very nice idea…

  17. mf

    THIS place needs a slide. :)

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