Oversized Household Objects

Oversized Household Objects

Spanish artist Romulo Celdran makes oversized versions of everyday items.

Macro series examines the correlation between the real size of objects and the size that we perceive depending on how far away we are.

Giant Matchstick

Giant Gloves

Giant Pen Cap

Pen Cap

Giant Tube

Giant Sponge

For more large sculptures, check out: 17 Larger Than Life Giant Objects

  1. Paul

    Interesting stuff… but a pity he looks amazingly bored about his own work.

  2. Julie

    I love how the pen lid is chewed :)

  3. Stephan

    Great attention to detail!

  4. Kari Bradshaw

    now i know who took my pen cap!

  5. Truthiness

    Look at his face, even he knows he’s accomplished nothing here. What’s the point?

  6. Danyell

    @Truthiness How do you all expect him to look posed next to his work? Huge grin and thumbs up? Jeez, he probably spent 8 months making the damned thing. You kinda get burnt out. Why don’t you actually create something and you’ll know.

  7. Koi Koi


  8. Will

    “What’s the point?”

    Does art need a point? Does it even matter if there is a point?

    If nothing else, these are just good fun.

  9. ben

    No art doesn’t need a point. But it irritates me that people can f#ck about creating stupid stuff like this and some mug will actually pay for them and fund a pointless existence.

  10. Glenn Contreras

    The Pen lis is AMAZING!

    Why people ask for “a point”? Art is totally personal and doesn’t need a point!

  11. Juzzi

    Instead of his work looking giant, he ends up looking just a couple cm tall! Especially with the gloves.

  12. Yui

    this has been done before, not a new idea.

  13. Gert

    Funny, I thought we saw all this when they did the “Honey I shrunk’ movies?

    Ah well, everyone needs a past time I guess.

  14. enkay

    Nothing new under the sun. There was a store in Soho in NYC at least 25 years ago that sold stuff just like this. Sorry

  15. Jordan

    It’s a form of sculpture. Haven’t we all seen Claes Oldenburg’s Cherry? That is really nothing more than an oversized spoon (household object) and a cherry. Who cares if we’ve seen it before. We’ve also seen paper art countless times that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Jeeze.

  16. sarah

    i love the pen one.. i always chew on my pen lids.. ! :)

  17. Larna

    Agreed that he should look at least a lil bit excited.but good idea on the pen cap and the matches.

  18. Truthiness

    I don’t think he needs to jump up and down, as that would be pointless since it’s a photo shoot not a video shoot, but he could have at least woken up for the shoot.

    Wasting countless hours on something then calling it art, isn’t art, if it was I would be a web browsing artist.

  19. Gil Pizano

    Very impressive stuff! I love the detail and how if you weren’t standing/sitting next to the object, one would honestly believe the object to be the usual smaller version of it. Again, great work! (Art is always in the eye of the beholder of course:) .)

  20. anne

    why is he posed with all his work? seems kinda egotistical…

  21. Kalai

    he’s posed with his work so you can see the scale of them…

  22. Bob Malkin

    In 1978 till 1991 my partner Phyllis Prinz created Think Big! We produced and sold at affordable prices giant common objects. Made either of the real materials or imitation, if fake it had to look and feel like the real object i.e. A 5 foot tall Crayola Crayon for $35. If you purched 5 you got the 6th free. We became a must see when visiting Soho.

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