Oversized Furniture for Giants

Oversized Furniture for Giants

Los Angeles based artist Robert Therrien creates giant versions of familiar household items.

Larger than life giant objects include plates, tables and chairs.

Oversized Furniture

Giant Dinner Table

Giant Furniture

Oversized Chairs

Giant Plates

Oversized Table

Giant Table

Dinner Table for Giants

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  1. Kristina

    I want to climb on them. They are so cool!

  2. James Anzalone

    I love them. They would make a great setting for some interesting photographs

  3. Adnan


  4. Sharyn

    That’s brilliant! I’d really love to be able to play on them.

  5. Hedi

    I love the artist Oldenburge and when I saw these I fell I love with this creation! Great idea!

  6. Truthiness

    If I was rich I’d have one of these in my huge backyard, and have an actual dining area underneath.

  7. Catherine

    How fantastic. I love the over sized Alice in Wonderland furniture.

  8. timmay

    @truthiness, the big table would be like a tent for your regular sized table when it rains.

  9. Sara

    Wow! There’s some amazing photo shopping goin’ on.

  10. Kirvi_Inci

    Truthiness: If I were rich, I would move in next to you and stare out at your yard in awe and jealousness. lol

  11. villa-dean

    i actually saw one of Robert Therrien’s tables in the tate modern london museum – they really are amazing when up close to them

  12. Arabian

    wow interesting

  13. music

    Actually I don’t like them.They make me remember that human being is some how poor and weak in comparison with huge creation that may use this furniture!

  14. Ferrari

    these are cool

  15. Daniel

    Cool, I would like to see it in real life :-) You could create an entire room under one of those tables

  16. therealpixie


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