VW Camper Van Tent

VW Camper Van Tent

Unique camping tent is a full-size replica of the iconic 1965 VW camper van.

Officially licensed by Volkswagen, this camping tent is spacious enough for four people. Available in blue, red, and yellow. [order]

VW Tent

VW Van Tent

VW Bus Tent

Van Tent

Volkswagen Camping Tent

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  1. Truthiness

    Does it come with a cardboard cutout of Hurley?

  2. Sharyn

    Love the notes on the pre-order site.

    “Please Note:
    This product is NOT an actual VW van!”

  3. Larna

    cool…i hope the mirror is a see through to gaze the stars or woods..hihi

  4. Glenn Contreras

    The yellow one is awesome! =D

    Perfect to summer days! <3

  5. Kirvi_Inci

    Truthiness: You beat me to it! Wonder if it comes with a Dharma Initiative outfit, too? :D

    These are incredibly entertaining and I would buy one.

  6. MMM

    $486? Holy…. Love the look, hate the price!

  7. Wafflezman

    Its like, totally going green, man… It’s like the 70’s all over again… RADICAL, MAN!!!

  8. Wheredidshegobowe

    You could almost buy the real thing for the price of that tent. It’s still amazing tho.

  9. sheri davis

    way cool we drive one and would buy in a heart beat but not at that price

  10. shleep

    Do I need to have a van license for that?

  11. Dee

    I wonder if it is made ith cheap vinyl and crappy fiberglass poles?
    For that price it should be canvas with aluminum poles!

  12. Katelin Grace

    Soooooo groovy!! sooo want one!! but im with everyone else… not for that price!! :(

    Oh well Peace out!! :)

  13. tamham

    Agreed!!!! This is sweet!!!! But I sure as heck wouldn’t pay that kind of money for it.

  14. Fast Eddie

    When the price comes down to about $200 I,ll buy one. Till then I don’t think they will be selling too many of them. They Look awesome!

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