10 Creative and Unusual Camping Tents

10 Creative and Unusual Camping Tents

Modern camping tents and creative tent designs from all over the world.

Decathlon 2 Second Tent

It only takes 2 seconds to setup this tent. How? Just remove the plastic strap and throw it in the air.

Decathlon 2 Second Tent

Car Tent

Unusual car tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go camping in the city without being disturbed.

Car Tent

Nyamuk Tent

Compact sleeping bag that transforms from full camping tent into hammock complete with mosquito net.

Nyamuk Tent

Nyamuk Hammock

Emergency Tent

Patrick Wharram’s Lightweight Emergency Shelter is a mini building that is easy to transport and can be erected almost immediately.

Emergency Tent


Exciting new product that combines the timeless appeal of a tree house with the practicalities of an all weather tent, as well as the excitement of Aerial suspension to create a whole world of possibilities.


Piilo Indoor Tent

Designed by Markus Michalsky “for the interior as a private secret retreat,” having this creative tent in your home will surely get some conversations started.

Piilo Indoor Tent

Star Gazer Tent

The Star Gazer tent features unique skylines in the sleeping area to give you that feeling of sleeping under the stars but with the added protection of the tent.

Star Gazer Tent

Dress Tents

Created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, the Dress Tent art project consists of wearable architecture and large-scale color photographs that merge the dress tent sculpture with its companion landscape constructing a fashion of place.

Dress Tents

Dress Tent

Respite Tent

Respite is a shelter made for people on the move. It’s red nylon shell transforms into a hammock when you need to relax after a long day’s hike, and easily turns back into a tent when you need the rest.

Respite Tent

Respite Camping Tent


Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar has earned international fame for making the world’s coolest architectural tents. Nestled among the branches, up off the ground, there’s a nine-foot-diameter hardwood floor and groovy round mattress inside.


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  1. Dave

    Unbelievable! brilliant concepts

  2. haroon

    nice and amazing, and I will buy one:)

  3. Nalden

    great list!

    here’s another one from Dutch designer Alrik Koudenburg

    > http://www.alrik.nl/#/work/boomtent/

  4. erwin15155


  5. Choudry

    really nice stuff

  6. Jef

    love the respite.

  7. Amruta

    Love the wearable and star gazer tents.

  8. tia tia

    but surely the floating tent must go wonky when you get inside?

  9. pluckyblond

    Tree Tent, yes very cool….but not for $50,000. Camping should not cost more than some people make in a year

  10. Julie

    Haha yeah don’t take the 2 second pop up tents to the Isle of Arran.. :P They fly away, I’ve seen it happen :D

  11. nicole

    the car one ispossibly the funniest and definately promises the most adventurous time of your life, i mean camping on the street or in broad daylight. :P

  12. Roy

    I have the 3 seconds (there rebranded 2 seconds now) it works and great, been popin’em since 2006, great tents!

  13. Harmo

    They all look like interesting ideas. I just bought a proper tent from http://www.instantpopuptents.com I can put it up in 5 seconds. Brilliant

  14. Shyni

    Wow !!!!!!

    Nice information !!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  15. Anthony Proulx

    These are seriously bad ass!

  16. Agalya

    All these are informative…

    Thanks for sharing

  17. Nivetha

    Its lovely to see this..

  18. william

    i have the 2 second tent…. it’s a pain in the ass to fold together when done using it!

  19. L Bell

    2 second tent has not been in production since 2006 :( and I wanted one!

  20. stephanie

    Thats awesome! :) very creative stuff

  21. trolololol

    emergency tent? really?
    “AHH TIGER! lets get in our FABRIC tent.”
    “AHH ITS COLD! lets get in our un-insulated tent.”
    “AHH SOMEONES CHASING US! lets get in our BRIGHT GREEN tent.”

  22. Annie

    Nyamuk is actually Indonesian word for ‘mosquito’

  23. Makayla

    I love the treetent!! :) it’s so amazingly amazing.

  24. arup

    Wonderful. I wonder if those are available at Kolkata, India !

  25. mark mewton

    O.K. Please allow me to re phrase my comment.The two tents I liked are not available.One is discontinued and the other is a bad link.Just my luck?Well, these are the two tents they have featured at the top of this page,So I should be forgiven for jumping to the assumption that this site is for curiosity only.

  26. Roseann

    where can we purchase the car tent? Third photo from top.
    Thank you

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