Transparent Camping Tent

Transparent Camping Tent

Inflatable bubble-shaped camping tent designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas.

Transparent camping tent allows campers to spend a night under the stars without sacrificing all the comforts of a bedroom suite. [more info]

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Transparent Camping

Transparent Tent

Clear Tent

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  1. Tim

    It’s a giant hamster ball.

  2. Alysha

    Doesn’t seem like you’d be able to get any fresh air inside there. and how are you supposed to pack it all up for a camping trip. other than those, it’s beautiful. i’d love to use it.

  3. gunneos

    i like the idea of it, but it does somehow take away from the whole experience of camping.

  4. The Quick Brown Fox did something?

    Would be great for stargazing before bed :P

  5. alien

    lookin cool
    can’t sleep in, on a rainy day though


    Rain?!? What about sunshine in the AM? Cool idea though.

  7. steven

    wat if youre changing?????????

  8. Raw-lina

    well, I think its lovely:) and I would love to make love in this tent.. :D:D:D

  9. Doof-fisch

    I want to know how they got that Christmas tree inside their tent!

  10. Khaled

    transparency .. OK, but to this level!!

  11. Robert

    Nights would be ok, though it would probably steam up with condensation…. The midday sun would be killer – 180 degrees inside? Maybe with air-conditioning and an air handler, but then when I go camping I’m there for the fresh air. Other than the harsh realities of bubble camping, it’s a lovely idea. Try sleeping under the stars sometime sans bubble.

  12. Art of Concept

    scratching head….why is this thing as tall as a tree?

  13. just a dream

    how are u going to move the furniture inside to the place u want ?? the idea is fantastic though…. can enjoy the scenic view outside without being there.

  14. Dreaming

    i question how they get any air circulation in there, not only that, but how in hell your going to set it up and take it down again.
    though truly beautiful for spending nights under the stars <3

  15. MrWorf

    The pics reminds me of a couple of old movies that I saw as a kid. The movies were made in the 1960s. One was about a young woman living in one. The second was about a prince or rich guy that lived in one. Does this ring a bell to anyone?

  16. Mapache

    Looks too hot. I wouldn’t sleep in a plastic bag.

    But is pretty.

  17. Jchamb2010

    Does this remind you of the boy in the bubble by chance?

    Perhaps this tent was designed for entire families with the same immune system disorder that the kid in the bubble had…

  18. Pete

    If you have beanbag chars and a coffee table inside your tent, it’s not camping :)

    Interesting, but:
    – Must be HOT inside
    – Only good if camping duo, not with a group. Otherwise, all the fun inside-tent stuff is visible to everyone
    – Did I mention it must get HOT inside?
    – No sleeping in. You’re up with the sun

    Still, pretty cool. You get the “under the stars” effect (depending on condensation) without bugs/rain/wind etc.

    Oh, how does it stay inflated? Do you need to keep a pump running to have higher pressure inside? That would be pretty annoying.

  19. Everett

    Hmmm. Hot and steamy and how do bad smells get out? Can you imagine the funky smells in there after a few days!

  20. Kirvi

    I think it could have it’s uses. I can see people using it more in spring and fall than in the middle of winter or summer. I am sure they have some way for you to hang something so you can change in privacy. Also, this seems more like something you would set up on private property and leave up, sort of like a gazebo more so than an actual camping tent. I think being able to sleep in it is just one of the perks.

    As for the inflation and ventilation, it is most likely a double layer of the plastic that you are able to blow up with “holes” for ventilation in the actual structure itself.

  21. Lola


    Does anyone watch spongebob?! Yeah, Sandy’s house??

    Maybe I’m a 22 year old who watches cartoons.


  22. Pete

    It completely looks like Sandy’s house!!
    Great place to fall asleep…it just looks like a very bad place to wake up. with the sunlight, the heat and all the people looking inside.

  23. Glenn Contreras

    It would be perfect against mosquitoes!!!

  24. Aja

    Talk about greenhouse effect. Really cool, though. I would hang out in there at night, for sure.

  25. The Guy

    I <3 spongebob, and I’m 28, nothing wrong with that. Also, to the people who said negative things, yeah, it’s a novelty. Thanks to Toxel for showing us it.

  26. the dude

    I want this for 2012 lol

  27. RInta

    it reminds me about Sandy’s house in Spongebob Squarepants cartoon . Ha!

  28. Bryan

    I think it would be awesome in the backyard as a greenhouse you can put up and then take down when the weather is more stable.

    It would also be pretty awesome for small special events.

  29. Catzrule

    I think its a lovely idea and i would love to have that tent in my back yard looking at the stars thinking about things like my life and my friends and have some time to myself also it would be fun to play with my friends out camping and have some fun who ever made this is very smart and i would like to meet him or her some day!!!!

  30. donna

    whats the price on this thing anyone know?

  31. Richelle

    Where can I purchase one of these and how much do they cost???

  32. Debbie

    The tree is not in the tent by the way. It is on the other side. Just looks that way!

  33. Rudy

    This great! Is this out in the market yet?

  34. Sheryl Barnes

    How can I get one or two of those? They look amazing!

  35. Kelsey

    Do they sell this things but if you think about it you would not have any privacy like to change and how are you suppose to use the rest room ?
    And it would so HOT you would not be able to sleep I just wont to know how much this people think these are worth?

  36. Devin

    Shut up and take my money

  37. nancy

    yes they sell it – $5000 euros. Bit pricey!

  38. Angela M.

    Lola, Pete, The Guy (and maybe others): Looks so much like Sandy’s house! Funny! (BTW: I’m 50, and I love Spongebob…and especially Gary. I think it’s perfectly okay to go backward as you age. By age 50 or so, you stop giving a crap what most people think.)

  39. Jessie

    It obviously has an air pump. Probably one intake and one out. You can see the pump on some of the pictures. First picture on the right you can see it to the back left side of the bubble(looks like it has a hose and a little square box) Then on the second picture you can see one on the right attached to the bubble.

  40. rachel

    I think its a cool idea for late at night when theres bugs out or in a shaded backyard on a breezy day for book reading. Although the idea alone makes me short of breath. Im claustrophobic, and just the sight of such a thing makes me anxious. Lol

  41. susan

    I’d prefer getting rained on.

  42. Ted

    Looking at the original French website, there are screens that attach to the inside for privacy. The heat problem would need a solution, as would a way to fasten it down against high winds. There would have to be a way to ventilate, otherwise the humidity from your breath would soon have you thinking you were in a sauna. (I slept in a plastic tent ONCE – ended up sleeping half on the ground outside in the rain with the ripped out mosquito netting wrapped around my head because it was preferable to being inside it.) Therefore, an electric supply would be necessary, which precludes real camping.
    Unless someone imports it, you would have to pay shipping from France plus customs duties. Probably not cheap.

  43. Paul G.

    The price is $8800 euros per room. You can order with or without privacy white sections (not removable). It requires a constant electrical supply so no rough camping…this is meant to be installed and left in place, not very portable. It collapses flat, but does not fold smaller than the base floor size. There is a ventilation unit that runs continuously for fresh air, keeping the bubble inflated, and filtering air, controlling humidity, and adjusting temperature. The air exchanger keeps it the same temperature as outside, although perhaps with a permanent installation you can include heating or cooling. The air unit is about the size of a suitcase. You can rent these rooms from some exotic hotels for about $150 euros per night. Again, NOT A TENT, this is an outdoor observatory that keeps out the bugs and the dirt.

  44. Phillip Anderson

    I like these a lot! If the material is durable enough to last longer than visqueen or can have a small Swiss they fireplace would be even nicer but with a few long enough solar electric and or hot water made with pliable blow up type materials would be even better so there’s no smoke or harmful fumes to worry about.

  45. Frederic Richard

    Dear friends,
    Thank you very much to the one who posted our pictures !
    These amazing inflatable spheres are distributed in exclusivity by CASABUBBLE, in California.
    You can reach us at 805-426 52 78, or better… Send us an e-mail at and we will answer the same day !
    Our bubbles are the perfect missing bedroom you can set up in 30 minutes in your backyard or in the wildness as a nomadic power self sufficient bubble.
    We will have soon a network of B&Bs where you will find bubble to spend a night under the Milky Way !

  46. Rodney

    Reminds me of the 1970’s movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”

  47. Kiki

    If you want one with privacy, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pictures (the ones with a white part on the side) are the ones that offer it. They solid white plastic goes up quite a ways behind the bed and some designs have an entire other room with it most or all the way up the sides.

  48. closedwing

    ok so if i have to get naked every one can see me.I live in florida i get sun burnt,But looks like and instant green house tho which would be awesome.

  49. Jenny

    There isnt a tree in there, its the angle of the picture, there just happens to be a tree behind it. You can see the tip of the tree sticking out of the top.

  50. Tracie-Marie

    Great idea! Just a few questions…

    – How durable is it? Would you need to patch if it got a hole?

    – how heavy is it when laid flat?

    – where can we purchase this from? Can we get it in Canada?


  51. Samantha

    Looks like Sandy Cheeks’ house on Spongebob! :)

  52. Shelly

    Would keep bugs out. MESQUITOES!!!

  53. Patti Teeters

    I would love to have one in my yard! I would make love in it at night under the stars on a cool evening. And I am 59 years old!

  54. Lady Feri

    I want one for the back yard…no mosquitoes while watching the stars at night!

  55. Len

    Inflatable? It doesn’t make sense to me, because you need air circulation, but then you need to hold the air in to keep it inflated. I’m sure there is a continuous air system like those bouncy inflatable structures that people rent for children’s parties.

  56. pandora

    Must have some sort or air pumping device that keeps it warm or cool. In one picture the guy is at the beach. Id really like to see more details on this tent

  57. Sammy

    Imagine sitting in there in the full sun, it’s probavly like a sauna in there! No fresh air, and humid stays in. Love the idea thaugh. :)

  58. Ashu

    P.s. how much is it?

  59. Toni

    I absolutely love it….. I would put it in my back yard & if it was hot out I would run extension cords & plug in fans, if cold… Plug in heaters. In the center of my bubble would be our Quuen size bed where my Husband and I would make love under the stars every night!! I would so love to have one of the bubbles :)

  60. Cye

    You could connect a lot of these together & then plaster them to make them solid & run electric & pipes for water & you have a home, but just lay a foundation first. Also these could be used as green house to grow plants or food inside, they would be perfect. But also would be cool as just a tent, but so cool & a futuristic tent. I love it & want one.

  61. Sherry

    Sleeping in it and it deflates.

  62. Gayla Morgan

    can I get a price sheet , or a smaller size?

  63. Sarah

    I brought my table lamp but wait…where is the powerpoint??

  64. Kimber

    It looks very cool. I would love to spend a couple summer nights in it. Or maybe even try a snow day. But on the hot summer days it would be extremley hot inside. The sun heating it up and no windows to open. Probably better for warmer spring and fall.

  65. ricki

    Wow love it kind of kool and awesome I bet the price is awesome to haha …….expensive!I couldn’t afford it Iam sure.

  66. shelleyb

    the tree is not in the tent!

  67. ed

    How do you get the furniture inside?

  68. Jojo

    Wow, just love this. I really ‘need’ one……

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