Car Aerobics

Car Aerobics

Series of cool photo manipulations by talented British artist Chris Labrooy.

Cars and trucks positioned to roll… and stretch… and glide… and flex.

Tales of Auto Elasticity

Auto Aerobics

Chris Labrooy

Auto Aerobics by Chris Labrooy

Chris Labrooy Car Aerobics

Chris Labrooy Auto Aerobics

Car Aerobics by Chris Labrooy

Tales of Auto Elasticity

Truck Aerobics

British Artist Chris Labrooy

Artist Chris Labrooy

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  1. John

    Photo manipulations? Or CAD model renderings?

  2. Saadieq

    I was wondering that too! It looks like 3d models, especially since one piece has 2 different views of it in the same position. Looks amazing anyways.

  3. Seriously

    They’re all just 3d renders, not photo manipulations… Nice renders anyhow.

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