Miniature Cars

Miniature Cars

Beautiful photos captured by talented photographer Kim Leuenberger show fun and extreme adventures of toy cars.

Traveling Cars Adventures – wonderful example of creative photography.

Toy Cars

Model Cars Adventures

Toy Cars Adventures

Photographer Kim Leuenberger

Miniature Cars Photography

Miniature Car

Kim Leuenberger

Kim Leuenberger Photography

Toy Car

Photos of Model Cars

Adventures of Miniature Cars

Photos of Toy Cars

Adventures of Toy Cars

Adventures of Model Cars

Photos of Miniature Cars

Miniature Cars Adventures

Traveling Cars Adventures

Toy Cars Photography

Model Car

Model Cars

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  1. Jorge Cajina

    Super Cool

  2. james

    beautiful :)

  3. Jainam

    Just adorable! One would be not thought that toy car could come up with such final result. Simply Awesome.

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