Embroidered Rackets

Embroidered Rackets

Beautiful flowers embroidered on the strings of tennis and badminton rackets.

Creative racket embroidery art project by talented artist Danielle Clough.

Embroidered Tennis Rackets

Embroidered Tennis Racquets

Embroidered Tennis Racket

Embroidered Tennis Racquet

Danielle Clough

Embroidered Badminton Rackets

Embroidered Badminton Racquets

Embroidered Badminton Racket

Embroidered Badminton Racquet

Danielle Clough Embroidered Rackets

Embroidered Racquets

Embroidered Racket

Embroidered Racquet

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  1. John

    I feel like every racquet club in America should have one or two of these on the wall somewhere. Very nice.

  2. aokiharu

    nice work!

  3. Gert

    Proof that needle workers will embroider on anything not moving. My husband better be careful. He might be next.

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