Twisted Furniture by Henk Verhoeff

Twisted Furniture by Henk Verhoeff

Completely functional wooden furniture with large holes and cracks in the middle looks like it was broken, twisted and sliced.

Twisted furniture and dressers with mind-bending cartoon inspired designs made by Henk Verhoeff, talented cabinet maker from New Zealand.

Broken Furniture

Furniture by Henk Verhoeff

Cartoon Furniture

Weird Furniture

Weird Dresser

Cracked Furniture

Twisted Furniture

Broken Dresser

Cracked Dresser

Henk Verhoeff Dresser

Henk Verhoeff Cabinet

Twisted Dresser

Henk Verhoeff Twisted Furniture

Henk Verhoeff Furniture

Henk Verhoeff

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  1. Kelly

    Very beautiful furniture with a playful touch and certainly much more difficult to make than traditional furniture.

    Mobili molto belli con un tocco ludico e certamente molto piĆ¹ difficili da realizzare rispetto ai mobili tradizionali.

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