Mona Lisa Cat Scratcher

Mona Lisa Cat Scratcher

Cat scratcher designed by Erik Stehmann looks like the Mona Lisa painting.

Fun and clever alternative to boring scratchposts: “Copycat Art Scratcher”.

Copycat Art Scratcher

Erik Stehmann Mona Lisa Cat Scratcher

Cat Scratcher

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Well… At least, its not the original item.

  2. Alba

    The only task is how to reassure the cats to do that on the scratcher.

  3. John

    Makes me wonder: How do the cats know it’s supposed to be used as a scratcher? Do they just scratch-test everything in the house? …and if it feels good, it just becomes a “scratcher”? Or maybe they can recognize a good scratchin’ item, just by looking at it? The texture just looks right? (Or maybe there’s just something about Mona’s face that just makes a cat want to scratch her eyes out?)

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