Jellyfish Made of Glass

Jellyfish Made of Glass

Realistic jellyfish sculptures made out of glass will bring the beauty of ocean creatures into your living room.

Jellyfish sculptures hand-blown by talented glass artist Rick Satava float in ethereal translucent domes.

Glass Jellyfish Sculptures

Rick Satava Jellyfish

Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

Rick Satava Glass Jellyfish

Rick Satava Sculptures

Rick Satava Glass

Rick Satava

Glass Jellyfish

Jellyfish Sculptures

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  1. Kathy

    Rick – these are absolutely stunning! You have captured the magic of jellyfish beautifully. I can almost feel them ‘pulsing’ through the water. Amazing work!

  2. Rebekah Wong

    Stunning realism in what is I can imagine a very tricky medium. Bravo!

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