Glass Wave

Glass Wave

Beautiful and creative art installation by French artist Baptiste Debombourg.

Shattered windows form wave of broken glass that spills into the room.

Glass Wave by Baptiste Debombourg

Wave of Glass

Baptiste Debombourg

Glass Water by Baptiste Debombourg

Wave of Glass by Baptiste Debombourg

Glass Water

Aerial by Baptiste Debombourg

Glass Waves

Glass Waves by Baptiste Debombourg

Broken Window

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  1. Ben

    Now that is some good art!

  2. woops

    Its only interesting from far away

  3. Betty

    Quite literally awesome!

  4. doogle

    Really interesting use of the material I’ve seen similar things before but this is definitely the most successful I’ve seen

  5. Manuel

    this looks exactly like a waterfall in Minecraft!

  6. Masteroche

    It remind me being in the satl deposits on the coast!

  7. Gert

    So you take some automotive grade safety glass…

  8. Vinz Clortho

    Desired effect achieved!!

  9. Larna

    Such mess.

  10. Casey

    WOW…love it

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